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125+ Gaming Sponsorship Opportunities For Streamers of All Sizes

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As you channel grows, it is a good idea to discover the brands you want to work with in the future. Choose products you are passionate about. Find out what they look for in those they sponsor and align your channel with their values.

When it comes time for you to find Twitch sponsors for your team or channel, take the time to find brands that you love. Research the company to find out about their values and see if they align with your own.

Gaming Sponsorship Application

We have put together a full list of Gaming brands that are open to applications depending on your size and reach as an influencer. As you reach out to brands, remember to be professional and courteous. Always thank them for their time. If they reject your proposal, ask them what you can do to better yourself to eventually work with them.

Twitch Sponsorship Opportunities

Use these categories to navigate to the type of brands you want to see. If we have a full profile for them, you’ll be able to select the link in the table to read more about them.

We add new sponsors to our list all the time, so bookmark this page to return frequently, or follow us on Twitter to get notified when new brands are added. Know about a brand we should add? Contact us to give us the details.

Gaming Chair Sponsorships

One of the more visual aspects of your stream setup is your gaming chair. While people may not be able to see that you are using state-of-the-art monitors, if you have a visually appealing chair, it will catch people’s eye. Gaming chair sponsorships and affiliates can let you earn passive commission through a link in your Twitch profile.

CompanyTypeAvailable toCompensation
AKRacingSponsorship & AffiliateStreamers5% Comm. on Affiliate Sales
Chairs4GamingAffiliateStreamers, Gamers15% Commission
DXRacerAffiliateStreamers, Influencers5-12%
EwinRacingSponsorship, AffiliateGamers, StreamersSponsorship - varies, Affiliate - 10% and bonuses
GT OmegaSponsorship, AffiliateTeams, Streamers5% Commission
Herman MillerAffiliateStreamers, InfluencersVaries
MAXNOMICSponsorshipTeams, StreamersVaries
OPSEATSponsorship, AffiliateTeams, StreamersVaries, $15 per chair, potential free chair
SecretlabSponsorship, AffiliateGamers, Streamers12% commission
TechniSportAffiliateStreamers, InfluencersCommission and free products
VertagearAffiliateStreamersCommissions and bonuses

Computer Sponsorships for Gamers

If you are a better-than-average gamer (and especially if you are pro), people will be curious about your gaming computer. Skilled gamers are always asked about their equipment and will often post sponsorship or affiliate information in their profiles for them.

CompanyTypeAvailable toCompensation
AlienwareAffiliateStreamers, Gamers1-6%
CyberPowerPCSponsorshipStreamers, InfluencersVaries
Digital StormSponsorshipStreamers, InfluencersVaries
Ironside ComputersSponsorshipStreamersVaries
MainGearSponsorship, AffiliateStreamersPerks
NZXTAffiliateStreamers, Influencers8% and Perks
Origin PCAffiliateGamersCommission
XidaxAffiliateStreamers, Influencers3% Commission

Gaming Controller Sponsorships

Console gamers and those who play PC games with controllers may be able to earn a commission from selling upgrades or decals to them. There are several different companies that sell controllers or accessories for controllers. Find the one that works best with you.

CompanyTypeAvailable toCompensation
Battle Beaver CustomsSponsorship, AffiliateStreamers, GamersMerch
Cinch GamingAffiliateStreamers, Influencers5% Commission in Store Credit
Fatal GripsAffiliate ProgramStreamers, Gamers10% Commission, Merch
Forever GripsAffiliateStreamers, GamersVaries
Iconic ControllersSponsorshipStreanersVaries
KontrolFreekAffiliateGamers, Streamers10% Commission
ModdedZoneAffiliateStreamers, Influencers5% Commission
PlaybudzSponsorshipStreamer, GamerVaries
Scuf GamingSponsorshipStreamersVaries

Gear Sponsorships for Gamers

Like computers, if you have special skill, people will want to duplicate your setup. They may also ask about your webcam or your headset. If you use equipment you are passionate about, you may be able to sign up for an affiliate program with the manufacturer. Here is a list of known sponsorships from hardware companies:

CompanyTypeAvailable toCompensation
AVerMediaSponsorshipStreamers, GamersVaries
Cooler MasterSponsorshipStreamers, GamersVaries
CorsairSponsorship, AffiliateStreamersVaries
FinalmouseAffiliateStreamers, Gamers25% Commission Rate
Floating GripSponsorship, AffiliateStreamers, Influencers15% Commission, Giveaways
HyperXSponsorship Streamers, YouTubersVaries
LogitechSponsorshipStreamers, InfluencersVaries
MSI GamingSponsorshipStreamers, GamersVaries
NETGEARSponsorshipsGamers, TeamsVaries
NeweggAffiliateContent CreatorsCommission
NetdumaSponsorshipStreamers, TeamVaries
OnFire GamingAffiliateStreamers, GamersCommission and Perks
RazerSponsorship AffiliateStreamers20% Commission, Special Offers
ROCCATSponsorshipContent CreatorsCommission, Payment
TesoroSponsorshipTeams, InfluencersVaries
Tt eSPORTSSponsorshipTeams, GamersVaries
Viper GamingSponsorshipGamers, Streamers, TeamsDiscount codes, gear, affiliate links

Headset Sponsorships for Gamers

CompanyTypeAvailable toCompensation
Astro GamingAffiliateStreamers, Gamers5% Commission and Perks
BoseAffiliateStreamers2-3% Commission
SteelSeriesAffiliateStreamers, YouTubers8% Commission
Turtle BeachAffiliateStreamers, GamersVaries

Stream Accessories Sponsorships

Some companies make products specifically for streamers and content creators. These products will help you improve the quality of your stream and make it easy for you to add features that your viewers will enjoy.

CompanyTypeAvailable toCompensation
LoupedeckAffilaiteContent CreatorsCommission
WebaroundAffiliate StreamersVaries

Graphics Sponsorships for Gamers

Proud of your overlays, emotes, and transitions? Depending on where they were created, you could potentially earn commission through an Affiliate program with that company. Send your viewers who also want to stream in the right direction.

CompanyTypeAvailable toCompensation
FiverrAffiliateStreamers, InfluencersVaries
Nerd or DieAffiliateStreamers, InfluencersUp to 30% Commission
Own3DAffiliateStreamers, InfluencersUp to 30% Commission
PlaceitAffiliateStreamers, InfluencersCommission
Sketchfab IncAffiliateContent Creators10% Commission
Streamlabs PrimeAffiliateStreamersCommission
StreamShiftAffiliateContent CreatorsVaries
Visuals by ImpulseAffiliateStreamers, InfluencersVaries

Games and Software Sponsorships for Gamers

Many content creators have found sponsorships through brands that market games or software in general. There are several programs that are used in content creation or online protection.

CompanyTypeAvailable toCompensation
AdobeAffiliateContent CreatorsCommission
GamestopAffiliateContent CreatorsCommission
Green Man GamingAffiliateStreamers, GamersCommission
KinguinAffilaiteContent Creators Commission
Nexus.GGAffiliateContent CreatorsCommission
StreamElementsSponsorshipContent CreatorsVaries

VPN Sponsorships for Gamers

VPNs are a very important extensions for people to invest in if they want to use the internet responsibly. It will keep their accounts protected and allow you to access sites and services not available in your country or region. Here are a few that offer sponsorships or affiliate programs:

CompanyTypeAvailable toCompensation
AvastAffiliateContent Creators35%
AVG TechnologiesAffiliateContent Creators25%
ExpressVPNAffiliateContent CreatorsUp to $36 Commission per sale
F-SecureAffilaiteContent CreatorsUp to 25% Commission
FastestVPNAffiliateContent Creators$14 per sale
NordVPNAffiliateContent Creators40%
NortonAffiliateContent Creators20% Commission
Panda SecurityAffiliateContent Creators35%
Private Internet AccessAffiliateContent Creators$3 recurring revenue per customer
Tiger DirectAffiliate Content Creators3%
TunnelBearAffilaiteContent Creators50%

Coaching Sponsorships for Gamers

If you are a very good player in a major game like DOTA 2, League of Legends, or Fortnite, you have probably been asked for tips and advice more than once. While you won’t have time to help everyone who asks, you may be able to direct them to coaching services through one of the following providers:

CompanyTypeAvailable toCompensation
Gamer SenseiAffiliateContent CreatorsCommission
GamerzClassAffiliateContent Creators$8 per sale

Clothing Sponsorships for Gamers

Wear gaming-related shirts or other mech? You may be able to send your viewers to an online store to purchase similar product and earn some commission on the side. Here are some platforms that offer sponsorships and affiliate programs:

CompanyTypeAvailable toCompensation
IntoTheAmAffiliateStreamers, Influencers 10% commission
J!NXAffiliateStreamers, InfluencersCommission
Loot CrateAffiliateStreamers, InfluencersApprox. $10 Commission Per Sale
Meta ThreadsAffiliateStreamers, Influencers10-20% Commission
NerdvanaAffiliateStreamers, InfluencersCommission, Discount Code

Gaming Glasses Sponsorships

Computer glasses can take the strain of staring at your screen off of your eyes, allowing you to stream longer. Gaming glasses can also increase contrast and maximize what you see, giving you a slight advantage over your opponent. The following companies offer affiliate programs:

CompanyTypeAvailable toCompensation
Gamer AdvantageSponsorshipStreamersVaries
Gunnar OptiksAffiliateGaming InfluencersCommission
ZenniSponsorship, AffiliateTeams, InfluencersVaries, Commission

Food Gaming Sponsorships

Everyone loves snacks and there are several food companies that want to sponsor streamers and gamers. If you love any of the companies on this list, you may be able to partner with them. Check these out:

CompanyTypeAvailable toCompensation
JerkyProAffiliateTeams, Pro GamersPossible commission and perks
JerkyXPAffiliateGamers, StreamersVaries
Quest Nutrition AffiliateGamers, StreamersVaries
Viter Energy MintsAffiliateGamers, StreamersCommission and Perks

Energy Drink Gamer Sponsorships

Many gamers drink energy drinks to keep them wide away and hyped through the night. This extra energy can keep you focused, taking you to greater heights as you move up through the rankings. Many of these companies will work with streamers and gamers. Here are some of the best:

CompanyTypeAvailable toCompensation
5-Hour EnergySponsorshipPro-Teams, Pro-GamersVaries
eNgageSponsorshipGamers, StreamersVaries
G FUELSponsorshipStreamersVaries
Gamer SuppsSponsorshipStreamersVaries
Insane LabzAffiliateStreamersVaries
MIXT EnergySponsorship, AffiliateStreamers10% Commission
Player One CoffeeAffiliateStreamers, Gamers$1 Per Coffee
Raze EnergyAffiliate, SponsorshipContent CreatorsSwag, Commission
Red BullSponsorshipPro GamersVaries
Rogue EnergyAffiliateGamers, StreamersVaries
Sneak EnergySponsorshipTeams, Pro GamersSpecial perks

Gaming Supplements Sponsorships

There are several supplements on the market that promise to clear your mind and improve your energy and concentration. This mental clarity can increase your reaction time and keep you focused on the goal of the game. Some of these companies offer affiliate programs and sponsorships. Here are a few:

CompanyTypeAvailable toCompensation
Brickhouse NutritionAffiliateGamers, Streamers10-25%
eAthlete LabsAffiliateGamers, Streamersup to 15%, Discounts
Pharmanaut LabsAffiliateGamers, Streamers25-35%

Miscellaneous Gaming Sponsorships

There are hundreds of brands that you can potentially work with as a streamer. Not all are on this list and not all will fit in a specific category. Here are a few great finds that you approach when the time is right:

CompanyTypeAvailable toCompensation
AmazonAffiliateStreamers, InfluencersVaried Commission
Console Gaming LeagueSponsorshipConsole GamersVaries
CratejoyAffiliateContent Creators15% Commission
EnvavoSponsorship, AffiliateContent Creators7% Commission and Perks
Fable Beard CoSponsorshipBearded Gamers, Bearded StreamersVaries
Gamer GooSponsorshipStreamers, InfluencersVaries
Gamer GripSponsorshipGamersVaries
Humble BundleAffiliateStreamers, Gamers$10 per account
MojodeskAffiliateContent Creators4% Commission
NanoleafAffiliateContent CreatorsCommission
ServerBlendSponsorship, AffiliateStreamers, GamersVaries
XSplitSponsorship, AffiliateStreamers10% Commission

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Get Sponsors For Gaming?

If you have a professional channel that has a loyal audience, you can reach out to sponsors or wait for them to reach out to you. The key is to understand where your brands can benefit each other to increase value over time.

How Much Do Gaming Sponsors Pay?

The amount that you will be paid will depend on the sponsor, the size of your following, your content, and the amount of influence you have as a whole. Each will likely either give you a metric based on concurrent viewer counts or give you a one-time payment for a service.

What Type of Sponsorships Are There?

Sponsorships will vary from brand to brand. Some companies will pay depending on the size of a community, while others will ask for something specific. Others will work as an affiliate program, paying gamers for each referral to the company.

Some sponsors may ask for a shout out, while others will want their logo as a part of your graphics. What is paid will also vary. Some may trade you valuable equipment, while others with pay you a monetary amount.

What Do Sponsors Get in Return?

Sponsoring gamers and other kinds of influencers is another way that brands can get publicity for their business. Fan bases love to know what their favorite content creators enjoy or use on a daily basis.

If you have a professional gamer or have a special skill in some areas, people will want to know what tools you use. For example, many gamers look to see what mouse Shroud uses.

How Do Pro Gamers Make Money?

Professional gamers make money from personal investors, sponsors, and tournament winnings. The amount they make will vary depending on the game, their role, past winnings, and their overall gaming skill and influence.

What Companies Sponsor Gamers?

There are a lot of businesses that sponsor gamers, both within and outside of the gaming industry. While you will find brands that create gaming equipment, you will also find those that are trying to reach a specific audience that are also passionate about a game.

How Do I Write a Sponsorship Proposal?

Every sponsorship proposal will vary from brand to brand. You will want to research the business and carefully craft a message that will show them that you understand their objectives and how you think that your brands can work together.

What Can You Offer Sponsors?

Sponsors like working with gamers, streamers, and other influencers because it puts their name in front of a relevant audience who has already invested their time in following a particular team or game. You can offer sponsors relevancy and support in promoting their brand alongside your own.

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