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MainGear manufactures affordable PCs and Laptops without compromising on quality. They have high-speed rates and they are VR-ready.

MainGear Sponsorship

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Sponsorship and Affiliate Program

MainGear created high-performance computers. If you use their products and have a strong following to your Twitch or YouTube channel, you could potentially join their affiliate or partner programs. The more influence you have, the more likely you are to score a great partnership.

MainGear Sponsorship Details

Here are the details of both the affiliate and the partner programs:

MainGear Affiliate Program

To qualify for MainGear’s affiliate program, you must have reached the following requirements:

  • Have a gaming channel on Twitch, YouTube, Mixer, or Facebook
  • Stream consistantly and frequently for at least three months.
  • Use of social media accounts in relation to your brand
  • Familiarity with MainGear and their products
  • Purchase at least one of their products (you will be able to purchase this at a discount if you don’t already own something and quality)

If you are accepted, you will be able to earn 3% commission off of sales made through your affiliate link.

MainGear Partnership Program

To qualify for MainGear’s partnership program, you must have reached the following requirements:

  • At least 100k subscribers on your YouTube channel (500k for additional perks) or 20k followers (100k for extra perks) on Twitch or Mixer.
  • Uploaded or streamed frequently and constantly for 6 months prior to applying to MainGear
  • Use of social media accounts in relation to your brand
  • Familiarity with MainGear and their products

You will receive the following when accepted into the partnership program:

  • 5% store credit or 3% cash commission from referrals
  • FORMA gaming chai and swag pack
  • Coupon code for 1 year warranty to desktop PC
  • Access to parner channels in Discord server
  • Direct communication with a community manager

Additional perks for the Partner + program:

  • a Partner+ discount (this can be up to 100%) on a Gaming Desktop PC
  • Access marketing support from MainGear

Sign Up for MainGear Sponsorship

If you want to apply for a sponsorship with MainGear, you will need to contact the company through the contact page on their website. Scroll down to where you can apply as an affiliate or a partner (depending on your stats).

Before you contact a sponsor, it is important to prepare your channel for sponsorship. As this company is messaged about sponsorships frequently, they will likely not respond to you if you haven’t taken any steps to create professional content.

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