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5-Hour Energy Gaming Sponsorships

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Manufactured by Living Essentials LLC, 5-Hour Energy is a popular energy shot drank by Americans when they need an extra boost throughout the day.

5-Hour Energy Gaming Sponsorship

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5-Hour Energy has sponsored several pro esports teams in the past. They are interested in working with high-ranking teams and gamers.

Who Does 5-Hour Energy Sponsor?

5-Hour Energy is interested in working with high-ranking professional teams and gamers. Unless you are nationally known, they are unlikely to respond to your request for sposorship.

Esports teams that have been sponsored by 5-Hour Energy include the following:

  • Counter Logic Gaming (CLG) – sponsored in 2017
  • Detroit Renegades – sponsored in 2017
  • FlyQuest – sponsored in 2018

5-Hour Energy Sponsorship Details

5-Hour Energy sponsored Counter Logic Gaming in 2017. While not everything about the arrangement has been made public, here are a few of the results that came from the partnership:

  • The CLG team house was renamed the “5-Hour Energy” house and came with custom branding.
  • The team also activated a “Choose Your Extra Strength” campaign that let their fans vote on a new jersey design that incorporated 5-Hour Energy branding.
  • Extra apparel branding, video content, giveaway opportunities.

Contact 5-Hour Energy for a Sponsorship

To contact 5-Hour Energy about a possible sponsorship, go to their contact page and choose “Sponsorship” from the drop-down Gaming Supplements Sponsorships.

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