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Alienware Gaming Sponsorships

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Alienware is a hardware division of Dell that specializes in creating both gaming laptops and desktops. Their sleek design is appealing for any battlestation.

Alienware Gaming Sponsorship

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Sponsorship and Affiliate Program

Alienware is a division of Dell that specializes in creating computer equipment designed for gamers. They are best known for their pre-built PCs and gaming laptops. The company has an affiliate program that anyone can use and occasionally sponsors teams or pro-gamers.

Alienware Affiliate Program Details

If you want to promote Alienware, you can sign up for Dell’s Affiliate program. You can sign up for the program for free. They provide banners that you can use to help promote them.

With their affiliate program, you can earn up to a 1-6% commission and there is a 3 day cookie set up on the site to ensure that you are given credit for the sale.

Alienware Sponsorship Details

Alienware will occasionally sponsor skilled teams, pro-gamers, or events. In 2019, they sponsored Riot Games’ League of Legends events. Alienware will work with partners where there is a mutual benefit to both brands.

Contact Alienware About Sponsorship

To apply for Alienware’s sponsorship program, you will need to contact Dell.

Before you contact them, it is important to prepare your channel for sponsorship. As this company is messaged about sponsorships frequently, they will likely not respond to you if you haven’t taken any steps to create professional content.

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