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Streamscheme was created with one mission in mind: to empower and support streamers and content creators at every step of their journey. 

Since our inception in 2019, our passionate team of seasoned veterans has been dedicated to providing the most extensive online resource hub for all your streaming needs. Now, with over 750 extensively researched guides, and 150 Youtube videos we cover everything from starting your very first stream to offering a complete list of 125 brand sponsorship opportunities for established creators.

Our Community

With over 85,000 members on our Discord server, we offer a supportive and collaborative environment where you can make new friends as passionate about streaming as you are.

Streamscheme is more than just a team of streamers; it’s a community.

Stream Scheme has everything you’d possibly want and need to know to start streaming or grow your existing one. The amount and quality of wisdom and actual helpful tips found here are absolutely staggering and it has helped me and countless others out, big time!

MrCobblewobblesMrCobblewobbles – Twitch Partner

Genuinely love the content they provide, especially just how much helpful information is given out. Hope to see a new era of twitch streamers grow from their support.

T10nat 1T10nat – Twitch Partner

Stream Scheme’s resources have been a huge help in pointing me in the right direction when I have been unsure how to go about something. They have articles covering many aspects of streaming, and their videos are some of the best advice found on YouTube.

Phazon KiwiPhazon Kiwi – Twitch Affiliate

Stream Scheme is my favorite source for expanding my knowledge of streaming. The site is filled with detailed step-by-step tutorials and actionable advice that creators of any level can learn something from.

walfieshouseWalfieshouse – Twitch Affiliate

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Our Discord consists of over 85,000 streamers and is specifically designed to help you network with like-minded people, make new friends, and collaborate. Spammy go-lives are strictly prohibited!


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We have over 750 regularly updated articles and an entire YouTube channel dedicated to helping content creators of all sizes build their following.


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We researched top brands within the streaming industry to compile a list of over 125 gaming sponsorship opportunities. Explore the best brands to work with and how to connect with partnership managers.

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