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Guides For Twitch, Mixer, and YouTube Streaming

We are passionate about educating new streamers on how to become successful content creators. Our Guides present actionable advice to build your channel with effective branding, promotional techniques, and insight from in-depth interviews with industry professionals.

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The two necessities of streaming is a capable PC and a fast internet connection. Many streamers are able to use a PC that they already own and add a microphone and camera.

Streamers use custom graphics for their logos, avatars, banner, Twitch panels, and emotes. They also design unique stream alerts and overlays that they can use with their broadcasting software. Content creators who are serious about their channel go the extra mile to make sure their graphics appeal to their community.

We reviewed the top software options and talked to several streamers to see what they like best. 

The best way to get more stream viewers is to establish your brand and promote content that appeals to your target audience. Be sure to use high-quality equipment and always chat with your existing viewers to build a community.

Streamers earn through subscriptions and donations. They also generate revenue through ads, sponsorship opportunities, selling their own merchandise, affiliate marketing, YouTube videos, and by offering streaming-related services to other broadcasters.

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