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What Is Kick? Everything You Need to Know About the Fast-Growing Live

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The world of online streaming is obviously dominated by Twitch TV. However, the recent launch of Kick has shown that there can be competition for the streaming giant.

But what exactly is Kick? Can anyone stream there? How is it different than Twitch? Keep reading to find answers to these questions and more.

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Kick Streaming

What is Kick Streaming?

Kick is a new streaming platform made as a direct alternative to Twitch. Founded in December of 2022, many popular streamers have moved to Kick, with some big streamers even signing fairly large contracts with the new streaming service.

The Kick streaming app brought the streaming platform to mobile devices, greatly increasing the viewer base.

The streaming site is backed by the owners of Stake, an online gambling site co-founded by Ed Craven and Bijan Tehrani.

The Kick streaming site layout is very similar to Twitch and functions pretty much the same way. There is a list of channels and recommendations on the left side of the screen, with featured streams on the main page. The browse option brings up a familiar list of topics like “just chatting,” “games,” “music,” and others.

What Does This Mean for Twitch?

If the Kick streaming platform grows and continues to draw more high-level streamers, it could mean that Twitch will have to amend some of its policies that caused streamers to leave in the first place.

One change that has already taken place is that certain streamers on Twitch have been offered higher pay rates.

Is Gambling Allowed on Kick?

Unlike many other platforms, gambling is allowed on Kick, with an entire topic dedicated to gambling content. However, stated in the community guidelines is the stipulation that “gambling on Kick with other users is strictly prohibited“. The guidelines go on to say that this includes any buy-ins, sweepstakes, or lotteries.

Whether you are allowed to stream online gambling is dependent on the laws and regulations of the country you live in.

Gambling on Kick

Does Kick Streaming Allow NSFW Content?

In short, yes, Kick does allow NSFW content. Activities like smoking, drinking, and gambling streams are allowed, as well as conversation topics like religion and politics. Your stream info must reflect that the content is 18+. You can set the appropriate tags in the creator dashboard when starting a new stream or during a live broadcast.

However, some things are not allowed. Explicit nudity, pornography, hate speech, and other illegal activities are not acceptable on the streaming platform and will result in a ban.

Your stream info must reflect that the content is 18+

What Makes Kick Different From Twitch?

The big difference between Kick and Twitch centers around payment. Streamers make their money from donations, ads, and subscription earnings. A portion of that is taken by the hosting platform (Twitch, YouTube, Kick, etc.), and the rest goes to the streamer.

Twitch takes 50% of subscriber revenue, and YouTube Live takes 30%. Kick, on the other hand, only takes 5%. This revenue split is attractive, especially for large streamers, as they stand to make a lot more money.

Co-founder Ed Craven has spoken at length about making sure Kick is a more creator-friendly platform, saying that large, medium, and small content creators can rediscover themselves on Kick.

A huge part of being creator friendly is allowing streamers to stream the way they want to. Many policies have gone into place on Twitch over the years that have upset streamers. Kick offers a platform with a bit less moderation to let content creators express their creativity.

Of course, certain aspects of the law still apply, like copyright infringement and other illegal activities.

Why Are Your Favorite Streamers Choosing Kick Over Twitch?

The exact reason for streamers leaving Twitch is based on the individual. For the most part, Kick offers a less restrictive environment, allowing streamers more freedom in what they stream and what they can talk about on stream.

Streamer xQc, who averages over 35k viewers daily, said in a statement regarding his move to the new platform, “Kick is allowing me to try and do things I haven’t been able to before.” In June 2023 xQc made a deal to stream on Kick for $100 million. Other popular content creators, like Adin Ross and Grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura, have decided to stream on Kick for similar reasons.

Along with greater creative freedom, the payout from channel subscription revenue is much greater. With many streamers growing frustrated with Twitch policies in recent years, it makes sense that more and more are leaving other streaming platforms and finding a home on Kick.

How Do Fans and Creators Feel About Kick?

Many streamers have found that streaming on Kick has allowed them to build a fanbase much easier than on Twitch. Due to the large amount of streams, it can be hard to gain any notoriety on other platforms, especially in the gaming community. On Kick, as the site is still growing, the environment is ripe for new streamers to gain a following.

Viewers are also able to watch streams that cater to their interests much easier. With a slightly less restrictive environment, the topics streamers can chat about are much greater.

How Much Does Kick Pay Streamers?

Kick offers 95% of subscription revenue to streamers. This unprecedented amount allows even smaller Kick streamers to make enough money to make streaming worth it.

Representatives from Kick have talked about a program set to launch sometime in the future that will pay streamers an hourly rate.

How Does This Compare With Twitch Payouts?

Twitch’s revenue split is 50/50 for most streamers. Some high-value streamers have been offered a 70/30 split, but that is not the norm for the site.

Twitch isn’t Going Anywhere Yet

Given that Twitch is an Amazon-owned platform, there is a low likelihood that it will fail due to a single new streaming site. Yes, Kick offers some great incentives to streamers, but Twitch is still the main powerhouse in the industry.

While the future of online streaming has yet to be determined, for the moment, Twitch is on top and will probably continue to be.


Check out Kick Streaming to see if it’s right for you. Whether you’re into games like League of Legends and Call of Duty, or you’d rather chill in a just-chatting stream, Kick has it. Of course, if you’d rather watch your favorite streamers on Twitch or YouTube Live, that’s fine too.

In the end, if you like Kick, Twitch, or any of the other options, having access to more streaming platforms to choose from is a good thing.

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