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Elgato has created products specifically to make life easier on streamers. Their high-quality products are popular accessories for those on Twitch.

Elgato Gaming Sponsorship and Affiliate Program

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Elgato are very selective on their potential partners. The sponsorship program is open to top streamers and teams that have a clear fit within their brand. Elgato will examine many things about an applicant’s channel and personality.

Elgato also has an affiliate partnership program that opens up to new members periodically.

Elgato Sponsorship Details

When accepting applications for sponsorship, Elgato will want to know the answers to the following questions:

  • Your name or organization’s name
  • Your content and its platform
  • The size of your audience and where they can be found
  • Why you want a sponsorship with them and how you can bring value to their company.
  • Links to your socials.
  • What you would like to see in your sponsorship from the company.

When writing to them, keep things brief and concise. Elgato is contacted frequently by people who want to be part of their sponsorship program. Keep your sponsorship proposal professional and to the point.

Contact Elgato for a Sponsorship

When Elgato is accepting applications, you can contact them through their site. Remember that they receive many submissions. Be courteous and professional and thank them for their time in reviewing your submission.

Before you contact them, it is important to prepare your channel for sponsorship. As this company is messaged about sponsorships frequently, they will likely not respond to you if you haven’t taken any steps to create professional content.

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