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How to Start Streaming on Facebook Gaming

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If you are looking to quickly grow your following, Facebook Gaming is one of the easiest platforms to grow. Not only is there less competition you can easily share your stream directly to your existing personal Facebook account. This allows your friends and family to view it in their feeds.

To start streaming games on Facebook, you must first set up a Facebook Gaming creator Page.

How to Make a Facebook Gaming Creator Page

To create your own gaming page, complete the following:

facebook gaming stream set up

Step 1: Go to the gaming page creator section on Facebook and create a page.

facebook gaming stream set up

Step 2: Add a profile picture (either an image of you or a logo) to your creator page.

Step 3: Add a description to your page by clicking “Edit Page Info.” If you have a dedicated streaming email, you can add it for business and collaboration inquiries. You can also add a link to your streaming website if you have one. 

Step 4: Invite friends to join your page. You can search for them on the right side of your screen. 

How to Stream Directly From Your Page

If you just want to set up a quick stream of your gameplay or a video of yourself stating a message, you can quickly go live without any external software. Here is how:

facebook go live

Step 1: Click the “Live” button in the Create box.

Step 2: Write something about the stream in the provided place. When your stream shows up in other people’s feeds, they will be able to quickly read about it to know what it is about.

facebook gaming camera

Step 3: Choose between streaming your webcam feed or sharing a screen. Make sure to select your correct mic. 

facebook gaming set up

Step 4: Add a title and tags to your stream. Make sure they are relevant to what you are broadcasting. 

Step 5: Add any other groups to the “Share to Your Group” section. Make sure that you have permission to do so and that you aren’t breaking any page rules. 

Step 6: Finally, click the blue “Go Live” button on the lower right-hand side of the

Can You Stream From OBS on Facebook?

If you want a more polished stream, you can stream from OBS, SLOBS, or XSplit on Facebook Gaming. This allows you to seamlessly add chatbots, stream alerts, and your own stream branding to the video feed. Streaming from third-party software is definitely a step up from broadcasting straight from your Facebook Gaming page. 

How to Stream to Facebook from OBS, Streamlabs, or XSplit

To stream from OBS, Streamlabs, or XSplit, you need to access your stream key from Facebook. Here is what you should do:

facebook live screen

Step 1:  Visit the Facebook Live page

set up facebook gaming screen

Step 2: Click the “Create Live Stream” button

Step 3: From the column on the right, choose “Share on a Page You Manage from the drop-down menu from the “Choose Where to Post Your Broadcast” box. 

Step 4: Choose your Facebook Gaming page from your options

Step 5: Input the game category and create a stream title

Step 6: Copy the stream key from the page 

Step 7: Open your broadcasting software and past the stream key in the appropriate settings

Step 8: Go live from your stream software and the Facebook page. 


Once you learn to go live on Facebook, you’ll be able to stream with a few clicks of the button whenever you want from the broadcast software of your choice.

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