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Top Gaming Scholarships in 2022

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Tuition to a good university or college can be quite expensive. Fortunately, there are several scholarships available, including those that were created with gamers specifically in mind. This is our list of scholarships for gamers.

We created this list of gaming scholarships to help young graduates who need financial aid to attend colleges and universities. Each scholarship will have its own requirements and rewards, so we have tried to narrow them down into specific categories to make it easier for those who wish to apply.

Remember when applying for scholarships to look into every requirement necessary and to take it seriously. Many others are also applying and those who receive the financial help are generally those who have shown they are willing to put in the extra effort.

Scholarships for Gamers

If you are an active gamer who has incredible skill, you may be able to score a scholarship. These are given to people who are highly dedicated and have a clear direction in what they want to accomplish academically wise.

OrganizationAvailable toRecipientsAmount
Sportsmanship in eSports ScholarshipHS students who game1$2500
NACE and Skillshot ScholarshipsGamersvaries$16 million total, divided up
Worldstudio AIGA ScholarshipGamers who are interested in arts, design, or architecture50$5000

College Scholarships for Gamers

These scholarships are handed out by specific colleges and universities. They are typically given to the members of their esports teams and will vary in how much is given to each participant. The requirements to become a part of a team will vary from school to school.

OragnizationAvailable toRecipientsAmount
Harrisburg UniversityTheir Esports Team22 (their full team)$2000 - Full ride
Kansas Wesleyan Esports ScholarshipsTheir team10$20,000
Southwestern CollegeEsports Participants with at least 2.0 GPA15$5000

Gaming Scholarships for Women

Many women love to game, both in and out of the competitive scene. While the gaming scene is predominantly male, there are increasingly more women finding jobs and satisfaction within the gaming industry. These scholarships are designed to help women who want to make their mark in this world of entertainment.

OrganizationAvailable toRecipientsAmount
Stephens College ScholarshipTheir Varsity Team6$2000 (will vary)
WomenIn ScholarshipInterested in Gaming industry, 3.3 GPA or higher10$2,500
Women in Animation (WIA)Gamers interested in Animation3$1,500

Personality Gaming Scholarships

This list of sponsorships has been created by or in honor of streamers, gamers, and philanthropists. These are generally set up for students who want to work within the gaming industry and have a strong sense of purpose.

OrganizationAvailable toRecipients Amount
UCI Pokimane ScholarshipEsports gamers1$2,500
Dr. Randy PauschStudents who want to enter gaming industry2$2,500
Mark Beaumont ScholarshipStudents who want to enter game industry, 3.3 GPA or higher2$2500

If you know of any other scholarships for gamers, please contact us to let us know so that we can add it to the list.

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