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Coming into popularity in late 2020, the Booba emote is often used in the chats of girl streamers, especially those who go live scantily clad. The definition of the word booba is essentially the same as "homina, homina, homina," "awooga," or other comic terms that showcase that one "loves titties."

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Booba Emote Meaning

The term booba came in September 2020 when someone posted the Awooga! Pepe meme on an image of Elizabeth Olsen with a miss-spelled booba instead of “boobs.” The Awooga meme was later added to BTTV so that it could be used as a popular emote on Twitch, using the name “Booba” instead of Awooga.

The term is often used either in hot-tub streamers‘ channels when boobs are showcased on the screen or as a way to call out or mock people who are hornyposting.

Released: November 2020

What is the Booba Emote?

The Booba Emote is another variation of the Pepe the Frog character that was originally created by Matt Furie, but taken over by the alt-right movement in political campaigns (which frustrated the creator).

This emote is similar to other Pepe emotes (such as MonkaS or MonkaW) in that it showcases Pepe the Frog. In this case, the character is wearing a tux looking toward the screen. He glances to the right, then his eyes pop out as he breaks into a smile.

The original Awooga! meme was of Pepe with his eyes stretched out. It was originally used on 4chan and moved to other sites. It should be noted that some users hate boobas either because of its history and associations or because they see the emote as sexist.

How to Use the Booba Emote on Twitch

While Booba is a popular emote especially on some of the channels of the top female streamers, it isn’t actually available on the platform itself. To use it, you will need to either install the FrankerFaceZ Twitch extension or the BTTV plugin.

Both of these programs are third-party extensions that allow Twitch streamers to upload personal emotes that are relatable to their communities. While these emotes typically stay within the audience of the streamer, a few of them spread and become viral across the Twitch platform or on other social sites (especially in esports circles), such as Twitter or Reddit.


To use the FrankerFaceZ Twitch extension, all you need to do is connect to the platform with your Twitch account and install the plugin. At that point, you can configure your account settings to determine which emotes can appear where on Twitch. You can also upload up to 25 of your own custom emotes (50 if you make a one-time donation of $5 USD).

You can also add Booba and other popular emotes on Twitch with the BTTV extension. This browser extension works in a similar way to the FrankerFaceZ plugin. You can easily download and install the extension to your favorite browser, then sign in with your personal Twitch account. At that point, you can search for this popular emote and many variations to use in chats all over Twitch.

Similar Twitch Emotes

Emotes in the Pepe family are very popular on Twitch and in other esports communities. While they don’t all share the same meaning, you are likely to see some of these when hanging out on the platform:

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