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How Long Do Twitch Prime Subs Last?

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If you have an Amazon Prime account, you also have the benefit of having access to a free Twitch Prime account. This also gives you one free subscription to your favorite Twitch streamer, but how long is this subscription, do streamers still get paid, and what are the benefits of having a Twitch Prime account?

Do Prime Gaming Subs Renew?

While twitch subs automatically renew, Twitch Prime Gaming subscribers don’t have access to an auto-renew system. So you can’t start the subscription and have it automatically bill you for the twitch subscription through your Amazon Prime account or have it be a monthly recurring product like Amazon Prime is. So if you want to stay subscribed to your favorite streamer with the usage of twitch prime, you will have to go to the streamers page or your subscription page and click on re-subscribe

Luckily, Twitch and Amazon have made it easier for both the Twitch streamer and the viewer to renew the prime sub. There is a prime sub and prime loot reminder extension that a streamer can use; they will have to activate this as a video overlay. This extension will show when a twitch prime subscription is available again. This overlay can’t be used to start your free subscription, you will still have to go to your subscription options or use the sub button and activate your prime subscription again.

How Long Do Prime Subs Last?

A Twitch Prime will last for one month (specifically 30 days). At that point, it will become available for you to use again, either on the same or a different channel. You cannot set up the Prime Sub to be automatically renewable.

Benefits of Prime Gaming Subs

There are various twitch prime benefits to having an Amazon prime gaming subscription, both on Twitch and on Amazon. They are the following Amazon Prime Gaming benefits:

  1. Free Prime Gaming Sub

    The first thing you’ll receive is a free monthly subscription is also known as a Twitch Prime sub. Every 30 days you will receive a Twitch channel subscription that can be used on a Partner or Affiliate channel. These Prime subscriptions come at no additional cost and allow ad-free viewing for that channel. You will receive the same channel-specific Subscriber perks as the regular subs. There is no additional cost on top of this. Note that these are not recurring subscriptions and you will need to revisit the streamer on the Twitch platform to use your free sub again.

  2. Free Prime Games and Loot

    Every month you will be able to claim a selection of free games that you can keep forever. You can also claim various free in-game Twitch loot for popular games.

  3. Emoticons and Name Colors

    On Twitch you have access to exclusive emoticons, which are normally only reserved for prime members. Instead of choosing between a small set of colors, you are now able to set a chat color with the help of 3 sliders (RGB). You can change these settings in your Prime settings. You will have a special Prime chat badge that you can toggle in the chat settings of any twitch channel you are watching.

Can You Cancel a Prime Gaming Sub?

You can not cancel a Prime Gaming Sub, if you want to stop being subscribed to a streamer, you will have to wait until your subscription expires for that month. After you will be able to subscribe to any other affiliated or partnered streamer.

You can, however, stop your paid channel subscription and move over to a prime subscription without breaking your sub streak. You will have to do the following:

  1. Step 1

    Go to your subscriptions page.

  2. Step 2

    Find the subscription you have a paid subscription on and press on the cogwheel.

  3. Step 3

    Select “don’t renew”, this will make sure your current subscription expires at the end of the billed period, instead of doing an auto-renew.

  4. Step 4

    After the subscription period is over, you can go back to the channel or your subscriptions page and use your free prime subscription.

How Much Money Do Streamers Get Paid for Prime Amazon Prime Subs?

Twitch Partners and affiliates get paid the same amount for a recurring subscription, a sub from a Prime member, gifted subs, and those purchased at a discounted price during SUBtember. The Twitch website states that this is equal to 50% of the price of the subscription.

Do Streamers Get Paid the Same Amount for Prime Gaming Subs?

If you subscribe to a streamer with your Prime gaming subscription, the twitch streamer in question will still receive the same amount of money as when you would have subscribed to them through Twitch self. The free prime subscription is valued the same as a tier 1 twitch subscription, this means that streamers still get 50% of the donation fee that a regular twitch subscription would normally give.


So even though you might have to manually re-subscribe to a Twitch streamer, you are still able to help out your favorite streamer with their career, while also having a lot of other benefits by making sure your amazon prime is connected so you can have twitch prime.

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