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SUBtember on Twitch: Overview and Strategies

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Once per year, during the month of September, viewers are given more of an incentive to subscribe to their favorite channels on Twitch. The event is called SUBtember and there are a few ways that streamers can maximize the event on their own channels. 

What is SUBtember on Twitch?

SUBtember was first celebrated in 2017. The term is a play on words, merging together the words “Sub” and “September.” During the month of September, subscriptions on Twitch are discounted, making it more affordable for followers to support their favorite streamers. 

Broadcasters who are trying to hit specific sub-goals to unlock emotes or meet milestones can create special events throughout the month to make the most of the event. While the details of SUBtember vary from year to year, streamer strategies can remain the same. 

Twitch SUBtember Perks 2022

In 2022, SUBtember is sponsored by Legion by Lenovo. The event will start on September 1 at 11 AM PT. If you decide to sub, upgrade a Prime sub, or gift a sub, you will receive a discount in relation to the length of your subscription.

  • 1 month – 20%
  • 3 months – 25%
  • 6 months – 30%

Streamers receiving the subs will still get their full payout, making this a great event for people who want to support their favorite creators.

How to Make the Most of SUBtember

If you are trying to reach Twitch milestones, using SUBtember is a great way to generate a few extra subs, potentially unlock emotes, and build your community. Here are a few things you can try:

  • clock

    24-Hour Twitch Stream

    24 Hour Twitch Streams or marathon streams generally create a lot of hype which will naturally entice people to support your channel more. Often, you will gain more viewers throughout the day (and night) and will be noticed by more people.

  • megaphone

    Adjust Hype Train Settings

    If you don’t usually get hype trains on your channel, look to see if you can adjust the settings so that you get will more through the month of September. 

  • lifesaver

    SUBtember in Your Title

    Add the term at the end of your title and create a Streamlabs command to explain the concept to your viewers. When people remember that there is a discount, they are more likely to subscribe to your channel.  

  • streetsign

    Create Subscriber Incentives

    Create milestones for your viewers and unlock incentives as people reach them. Have several clearly posted in your profile so that people know what they are pushing toward. Keep them fun so that your viewers enjoy pushing toward each incentive. 

Past SUBtember Promotions on Twitch

SUBtember started in 2017, and promotions have varied each year. Here is the history of SUBtember on Twitch:

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    Viewers were given a 50% discount on new subs. The promotion began on September 6 and ran through October 18. 

  • calendar


    Viewers were able to continue Twitch gifted subs for $1. The promotion ran from September 10-30.

  • calendar


    This SUBtember was sponsored by Subway. Viewers were given 50% off all tier 1 subscriptions. Subway also gave streamers 10% more revenue for bits received during the month. 

  • calendar


    In 2020, Capital One sponsored SUBtempber. During September, viewers will be able to subscribe to channels with 20 – 30 % off, depending on how long the NEW subscription was.

  • calendar


    In 2021, GrubHub sponsored SUBtempber. During September, viewers will be able to subscribe to channels with 20% off and were given 20% off on Loot cave. Participants were also given a 90 day trial of GrubHub.


Not only is SUBtember a good play on words, it gives viewers another incentive on how they can support their favorite streamers. I hope that this event continues to happen year after year.

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