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How to Find Graphic Designers for Twitch

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Incorporating stunning graphics into your Twitch channel is an important aspect of your Twitch branding. They make your streams more visually appealing and help your channel stand out with professionalism to Twitch sponsors

Whether you need Twitch overlays, panels, stream alerts, or avatars based on your image, this post will cover 3 basic ways for you to find the graphics you need for your channel. 

Browse Premade Twitch Designs

If you want a professional design right away, you can typically find something pre-made that will fit your channel’s overall style or the genre of games you play. These are two of the most popular Twitch graphics sites available online:


OWN3D has dozens of fully Twitch packages of graphics that were designed to be appealing to viewers on Twitch. You can search by game, genre, colors, and many other categories that help you narrow down your options. 

own3d alerts

OWN3D graphics are easy to use on many of the best streaming programs and have increased the visual quality of many channels. Many packages come with animated elements that keep things interesting but don’t detract from the rest of the content. 

The platform is always adding new designs to their site based on trends and the popularity of some games (such as Marbles on Stream, one of the best games to stream on Twitch currently). 

Nerd or Die

With Twitch graphics created to reach a broad audience, Nerd or Die is typically a favorite for Just Chatting and variety streamers. They have many different packages in several different styles. You can often get several different colors at once. 

nerd-or-die banner

Nerd or Die also gives you the option of purchasing the source files of many of their designs. If you understand how programs like After Effects work, you can edit these further to make them more unique. 

Commission Custom Graphics for Twitch

If you want to ensure that your personal brand is represented on your Twitch graphics, you can look into commissioning a designer to create custom graphics for you or use a template. Here are two platforms you can use for custom designs:


Fiverr is an online marketplace for graphic designers and other creators. They have a dedicated section for those who frequently create graphics for Twitch channels. These designers generally understand Twitch’s ToS and are aware of what sizes each graphic needs to be. 

There is a range of designers on the platform, ranging in skill, style, and price. You are likely to find a designer you appreciate who is within your budget. You can also read the reviews of other people who have used that designer in the past so you can get a feel for what you should expect. 


If you would prefer to have a hands-on approach to your graphic creation, try Placeit. The platform has templates for Twitch alerts, overlays, banners, and other graphics. You can even create a gaming logo! 

Not only does Placeit have several templates from you can start from, they have several ways to customize each, including color and text options. You can even upload your own images to add to each graphic, allowing you to create something that is truly your own. 

Collaborating for Twitch Graphics

If you have something valuable you can offer (such as video editing services), you may be able to find a designer who is willing to collaborate with you with an exchange of services. You can find designers familiar with Twitch in a few different ways: 

  • Twitch Creative Section – what better place to find good Twitch designers than to look on the platform itself. Find an artist who appeals to you and reach out to them privately, asking if there is something you can do to trade for graphics. 
  • Twitch Communities – you can often find designers on Facebook groups, subreddits, and Discord servers created for Twitch streamers. 

What to Look For in a Twitch Designer

When looking for Twitch designs, there are few things you should prioritize:

  • Style – look for graphics that you think will appeal to both you and your viewers. 
  • Knowledge of the industry – when working with a designer, make sure they have knowledge of the industry so that they can create something that works. 
  • Pricing – try to find something that is within your budget. You can always upgrade again later. 
  • Good reviews – make sure that any designers or platforms have good reviews. 

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