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Gamecaster vs OBS Studio

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When you first start streaming, you are bombarded with plenty of information and opinions about how to grow your stream. One of the most important decisions you will make is which streaming software for Twitch to use.

With so many different options, most people have a difficult time understanding which they should choose. This post will compare and contrast Gamecaster with OBS studio to give you a better understanding of how each works. That way, you can choose which is best for you and your channel.

Overview of Gamecaster

Gamecaster is a free streaming software that was originally linked with Xsplit. It was a more accessible version of XSplit Broadcaster, which has a subscription for more features.

The platform is currently one of the easiest broadcasting programs for new streamers. Not only is it relatively simple to set up, but they include everything you need to set up your channel for success. It’s a great choice for those with little money or income because it is absolutely free.

Pros of Gamecaster

  1. 1. Reward Program

    A free reward program that functions similar to games like Fortnite with rewards including emotes, overlays, alerts, and more that can greatly benefit a streamer who’s just starting up

  2. 2. Test Center

    Test center to make sure your overlay is working before you go live. This is great for reducing the risk of having to troubleshoot a problem live.

  3. 3. No Premium Subscription

    No premium subscription that locks away features that are essential.

  4. 4. Royalty-Free Music

    Gamecaster has recently released free royalty-free music for streamers, showing that they really do want to benefit the community in a real way.

The benefits of Gamecaster are very unique compared to apps like OBS and Lightstream. While this is always a great thing to know, things like this will end up having a few dark patches in the bright light of possibility.

Cons of Gamecaster

  1. 1. Noise Gate

    The noise gate can be too powerful and cut you off repeatedly.

  2. 2. Bugs

    Still has a few bugs that can cause problems, such as your tipping link stopping synchronizing with the app. That being said the team is working hard and fast to patch such errors.

  3. 3. Rewards

    The reward program is still relatively basic though does hold a lot of long term potential with future updates.

  4. Subheading

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Overall, Gamecaster has a few issues to work out, but it is still in its beta! Its reward program is very easy to access and they allow all users to participate while growing their brand is very generous. However, with that in mind, do not use it just for the rewards. If you do, you will not grow your stream. Focus on this app if you are getting started with streaming or you want to earn something on the side while you focus on building your community.

OBS Studio

OBS is an open-source software that has a much more customizable layout compared to other available platforms. Though it might seem harder to navigate through settings, there are definitely a lot fewer steps to take when setting up your live stream and there are several tutorials available online.

Setting up overlays and alerts in OBS will be more work than using the free pre-loaded graphics available with Gamecaster. To set up alerts, you will need to use the Streamlabs online dashboard, then add them into OBS as a browser source.

The best OBS feature is really how customizable it is. As it is open-source it is constantly getting new plugins and capabilities. This often results in new software being tested on the platform first before being replicated by other brands.


OBS is incredibly customizable and flexible if you know how to, and fits anything you want. Plugins are supported because of that. Better performance because it isn’t bloated. Faster updates.

  1. 1. Support

    Support for plugins to create a more unique stream

  2. 2. Chat

    Integrated chat.

  3. 3. Layout

    More customizable layout with freely movable docks.


OBS is notorious for not being user friendly, you need StreamElements or Streamlabs alerts to add in alerts for your stream, and other plugins for various features. Twitch alerts are a very important aspect to channel growth as it helps celebrate your viewers. 

  1. 1. Resolution

    1080p60fps maximum output resolution.

  2. 2. Platform

    Single platform streaming.


If you are a new streamer or don’t need a host of plugins to create the content you want to make, Gamecaster is both a simple and effective app. While they still have a few bugs they need to work out, we believe that they will only improve over time.

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