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Known for the toxicity that led to the permanent bans to more than 20 LoL accounts, Tyler1 has built a strong viewerbase who frequently watch to enjoy his antics.

Love him or hate him, there is no denying that Tyler1 is an important part of Twitch history. He also helped shape the way League of Legends is played, and partially responsible for why the game is known for being so toxic.

That being said, he is also responsible for keeping the game popular and showing people how one man can grow so quickly despite having to start from scratch over and over again. This post will cover the history of one of the best LoL players on the planet.

Real NameTyler Steinkamp
Twitch Channelloltyler1
YouTube Channelloltyler1

25 years old


5’ 6”

Net WorthApproximately $4 million

Timeline of Tyler1’s Early Life

7 March 1995 – Tyler Steinkamp was born in Missouri. At that moment, nobody knew that he would one day be dubbed “The Most Toxic Player in North America.” Fun Fact: Erobb221 is Tyler1’s younger brother.

Before starting his streaming career, Tyler1 attended Central Methodist University and studied computer science. He also played running back for the football team.

Timeline of Tyler1’s Career

2014 – Tyler1 reached 14 on the North American League of Legends ladder. While he streamed, he would only be able to grow his channel to just above 5,500 followers until 2016.

9 April 2016 – Tyler1 announced on his stream that he was going “reform” and stop being toxic. His channel quickly grew and he reached nearly 100,000 followers by the end of April, even though he stopped being reformed fairly quickly and began to display toxic behavior again.

April 2016 – Throughout the month, many other streamers were split on whether or not they supported Tyler1. Many spoke out against him and his influence on League of Legends.

30 April 2016 – RIOT Games, through their employee “Riot Socrates,” that Tyler1 would be permanently banned from League of Legends. This was an ID ban and the moment they learned of a new account, it would be banned, even if the account was brand new with no broken rules yet.

2016 – 2017 – Tyler1 worked as a variety streamer on Twitch and frequently played with Greekgodx. These streams were very different from the other content that Tyler1 had been known for but were entertaining in their own right. In his spare time, Tyler1 continued to play League of Legends off stream.

1 October 2017 – In the League of Legends subreddit, an employee of Riot Games, Aaron “Sanjuro” Rutledge insulted Tyler1, calling him a homunculus and casually talked about how he would die of an overdose or cancer. Tyler1’s Twitter account responded moderately, stating that “It really sucks that some people hold a grudge… and to acknowledge that I’ve changed.”

October 2017 – Aaron Rutledge was fired due to his comments, and Riot Games promised that at the end of the year Tyler1’s ban would be lifted if no abuse was done on the account that Tyler had played from recently.

November 2017 – Tyler1 hosted a parody League of Legends called the Tyler1 Championship Series (TCS). He filmed in front of a green screen and awarded the winners $10,000 of his own money.

January 2018 – Tyler1 played League of Legends on stream for the first time in 613 days. He dressed up as Draven for the occasion. The stream peaked at over 380 viewers and he held the record for most concurrent viewers until Dr Disrespect took it after returning to Twitch after a two-month break.

February 2018 – Tyler1 reached 30,000 subscribers on his Twitch channel.

1 April 2018 – Tyler1 streamed a parody of his life, filmed entirely in front of a green screen as a celebration for April Fools Day. The entertainment lasted for nearly 45 minutes. The video was entitled, “A Day in the LIfe of Tyler1.”

November 2018 – The second TCS was held and Tyler1 increased the prize pool to $50,000 and hosted the tournament.

November 2019 – TCS returned for a third time and was, again, hosted by Tyler1.

17 October 2020 – The esports team T1 Fighting signed Tyler1 to their ranks and announced it on YouTube. The obvious joke being that T1 joined with T1.

26 October 2020 – During the Golden Kappa event on Twitch, Tyler1 made the decision to ban the Kappa emote in his chat to make sure that the chat became readable again.

Tyler1 Sponsors

Tyler1 is known for not having any sponsors due to how far he goes in insulting others while playing League. He chooses to not be fully reformed in order to entertain his viewers, forgoing sponsorship opportunities on the side.

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