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The Doc has not been without his share of internet drama, most recently being banned from a platform where he had signed a multi-contract for reasons that are still unknown. While this has dampened both his spirits and those of the Champions Club, he will remain popular through streaming on YouTube.

Known for his disrespectful persona and costume, Dr Disrespect has been wildly popular for years. His webcam background graphics are pristine, almost believable, and 100% on brand.

Real NameHerschel "Guy" Beahm IV
YouTube ChannelsDrDisrespect

38 years old


6’ 8”

Net WorthApproximately $3.5 million

Dr Disrespect Early Life Timeline

Date of Birth: 10 March 1982 – Herschel Guy Beahm IV was born in Encinitas, California to parents who couldn’t comprehend who their son would, one day, become.

1987 – The future Doc would begin gaming, playing Pitfall on the Atari 2600.

1994 – At the age of 12, Doc would win his first tournament at the 1994 Blockbuster Video Game Championships, which were held in Vallejo, California.

2005 – Beahm graduated from California State Polytechnic University in Pomona, California. While he was in school, he played NCAA Division II basketball.

Dr Disrespect Career Timeline

11 January 2010 – Dr Disrespect released his first video on YouTube, playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. He posted content on his channel for nearly two years, then disappeared from the platform for about 5 years.

16 March 2011 – The Doc was promoted to community manager of Sledgehammer games and focused his career as a level designer. Some of the titles he has worked on include Horizon, Instincts, and Solar.

September 2015 – Dr Disrespect quit his job at Sledgehammer Games to pursue his Twitch career full time. He had the full support of his wife.

2017 – The Doc earned the “Streamer of the Year” award from eSports Industry.

16 July 2017 – The Doc broke character to talk to a fan who had been experiencing suicidal thoughts and gave his viewers a speech about how life will continually improve over time.

14 December 2017 – The Doc released an announcement that he would be taking a break to spend more time and focus on his family after he had had an affair. He essentially stated that he needed to get back on track and make things right.

5 February 2018 – The Doc returned to Twitch and peaked at 388,000 concurrent viewers.

9 February 2019 – Jimmy Wong released a video on YouTube solidifying his position that the Doc had mocked and imitated Asians in the past after Dr Disrespect refuted his earlier confrontation.

11 September 2018 – While he was streaming, Dr Disrespect’s house was shot at with a BB gun by drive-by shooters. Nobody was hurt, but he did break character to explain what was happening around him. The video of the announcement became one of the Top 10 Clips on Twitch until after his channel was deconstructed.

10 January 2019 – The Doc signed as a client with Creative Artists Agency.

13 May 2019 – Dr Disrespect’s YouTube channel reached 1 million subscribers.

11 June 2019 – Dr Disrespect got banned from Twitch for IRL streaming in the bathroom at the E3 expo in Los Angeles. He was suspended from the platform for two weeks.

12 March 2020 – The Doc released a video announcement that he planned to stay with Twitch as his streaming platform of choice.

1 May 2020 – Dr Disrespect presented two Covid-19 myths in a way where viewers took him seriously. Many were shocked and disappointed that he would spread false information about the virus.

26 June 2020 – Dr Disrespect was banned from Twitch for reasons that have never been explained. The next few weeks would be filled with rumors, controversy, and confusion. Many people analyzed the last few minutes of his stream for potential clues to where he went.

27 June 2020 – The Doc tweeted that Twitch hadn’t explained their reasoning for the ban at that time.

29 June 2020 – One of the conspiracy theories surrounding Dr Disrespect’s ban was that he, along with Ninja, Shroud, and others, were secretly planning to move over to a start-up streaming service called Brime. As a result of this theory, Brime’s Twitter account boomed with new followers. The “announcement” that the trio were supposed to join this platform was supposed to happen on this day.

16 July 2020 – After nearly 3 weeks of hearing nothing from the Doc on Twitter, a video of him singing was released, earning thousands of reactions. On the same day, The Washington Post released their exclusive interview with the Doc, the first he had given since leaving Twitch.

7 August 2020 – After over a month, Dr Disrespect appeared live on YouTube Gaming. While there is some question about the highest viewer peak during the broadcast, most believe it was around 510,000. During the stream, he stated that he still did not know why Twitch banned him. On this day, his YouTube channel reached the 2,000,000 subscriber milestone.

17 August 2020 – Dr Disrespect announced that he is writing his autobiography that will be released in late March 2021. The book will be called Violence. Speed. Momentum.

Dr Disrespect Sponsors and Partners

Some of the sponsors that the Doc has worked with in the past include the following:

Several companies have also contributed to Dr Disrespect’s gear and equipment over the years.

The Doc also has his own line of merch called Slick Daddy Club.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Was Dr Disrespect Banned?

The public still doesn’t know why he was banned from Twitch. According the Beahm, he doesn’t know the reason behind the ban either, though his legal team is looking into it. On September 1, 2020, he admitted to having anxiety from being banned for no apparent reason.

Who is Dr Disrespect Married to?

The Doc has a wife (name unknown) and a daughter named Alana. Alana has appeared on stream from time to time and has generated some content with her father, such as her “scary stories” in November 2019.

How Much Money Does Dr Disrespect Make?

It is estimated that the Doc makes about a million per year, though he does pay his staff considerably. Most believe he is worth about $3.5 million.

What Happened with Dr Disrespect?

The reason behind Dr Disrespect Twitch ban is still unknown. The Doc has moved to YouTube where he streams frequently to a passionate community.

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