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How to Get the Twitch Golden Kappa [2020 Guide]

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What is Golden Kappa?

The Golden Kappa is fun easter egg added in by the Twitch Devs. It is a rare variation of the most popular emote on Twitch (Kappa) but is gold instead of grayscale. Its existence is questioned and shrouded in mystery. Twitch has neither confirmed nor denied that Golden Kappa is real, and will not divulge how or why it is obtained. It is most commonly written about on Reddit and other forums when it appears.

How to Get a Golden Kappa on Twitch

Step 1 – To increase your chances of receiving the Golden Kappa use the /kappa emote at least once a day and switch the Twitch channel you are viewing regularly. 

Step 2– Use the kappa emote often to check if you have the golden version as there is no notification when you receive it.

Popular Golden Kappa Conspiracies

  1. Only one person has Golden Kappa at a time and only holds it for 24 hours.
  2. It’s an anniversary gift that only appears each year on the day you made your Twitch account.
  3. Twitch staff started Golden Kappa as an April fools joke.
  4. You need Twitch Prime just to have a chance of getting it.
  5. Golden Kappa doesn’t exist and is just a figment of your own imagination.

Does Golden Kappa Still Exist?

The last confirmed sighting of Golden Kappa was the 7th July 2020 in xQc’s stream belonging to Twitch user TheOmegaboost. 

This proves that the Golden Kappa is still active today. The emote is just part of the Twitch algorithm in most cases the vast majority of users who get it are unaware they have it.

If you witness the Golden Kappa on Twitch, screenshot it and let us know on Twitter so that we can keep our article current for the latest sighting. Let us know which channel it was in! #goldenkappa.

How are Viewers Selected to Receive the Golden Kappa?

Unfortunately, nobody really knows how those who are gifted the Golden Kappa are chosen. At this time, there is no way to “earn” the Golden Kappa or request it. There are several theories, but each one has been “debunked” at different times. 

Golden kappa chosen one gods

It’s still unknown which sacrifice is necessary for the Twitch gods to bless your account with Golden Kappa.

How long does the Golden Kappa Last?

The most common theory is that one person receives Golden Kappa per day and will have it for 24 hours. The problem with this theory is that there have been cases where two people have both used it on the same channel at the same time, and others have claimed to have its use for more than 24 hours.

Golden Kappa replaces regular Kappa when someone types “Kappa” into the chat. Every time a theory about how or why Golden Kappa appears, something seems to disprove it. As far as anyone knows, it just happens randomly to some accounts, then leaves randomly. 

The Real Person Behind Kappa

Kappa is an emoted based on a photo of Josh DeSeno, who worked on the chat client of Justin.TV (Pre-Twitch). He uploaded a photo of himself which became a popular emote signifying sarcasm. 

For more information about Kappa, check out our list of 50 Popular Twitch Emotes

What is a Golden Kappa Check?

A Golden Kappa Check happens when someone in a chat announces the check and everyone spams the Kappa emote to see if they have Golden Kappa. As you will only know if you have it if you test Kappa, this is a way for people to test it and to also participate in the lore.

People who have had Golden Kappa have also said that they can see it listed with their other emotes, though it is in its own category called “Kappa.”

After someone posts Golden Kappa in FollowGrubby’s chat, others start spamming Kappa.

Is Golden Kappa a Channel Emote?

Golden Kappa is not an emote you can receive by subscribing to a channel. Twitch has not allowed channels to submit a Golden Kappa as a subscription emote. 

Is Golden Kappa a BTTV Emote?

Golden Kappa is not a BTTV Emote. It is not in their listings, and the Kappa image is not allowed to be copied on BTTV.

This question is often asked because it seems to be the most plausible explanation for the emote’s presence. To further debunk this theory, people without BTTV have stated that they have been able to view the emote.

Who Can See the Golden Kappa?

Everyone in the channel where it is used can see Golden Kappa, regardless of what device they are using to watch Twitch. The user may be able to also see it with the rest of their emotes.


Everyone has their own theory about Kappa, so here’s mine: it was uploaded as part of the code when Josh DeSeno set up the chat client and worked with the emotes. It is random and those who get it will have different lengths of time on which they can use it. 

Log of Past Golden Kappa Notifications

If you find the Golden Kappa out in the wild, please notify us on Twitter so that we can retweet it and keep track. Here are our past notifications:

11 June 2020 – Voxy’s stream belonging to Twitch user BantCamp. 

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