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How to Get the Twitch Founders Badge

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In October 2019, Twitch released a new badge for founding subscribers of any channel. The “Founders” badge is given to the first ten subscribers of any Affiliate channel and the first 25 subscribers of a Partnered channel. The “first” design is reminiscent of any “first” comment seen on created content all over the Internet.

To get a Twitch Founders Badge, you must have been one of the first 10 subs on an Affiliate channel or one of the first 15 subs on a Partnered Channel. There is no way to get the badge if the max has already been reached. 

How to Display Your Twitch 1st Badge

Viewers will be able to choose to either display their “first” badge or their sub loyalty badge in their settings. The viewer must be the one who subscribed to receive the badge. They will not receive it from a gift subscription. 

Steamers who already reached Affiliate or Partner status when the changes were in place had badges retroactively given to the users who first subscribed to the channel. Members no longer active subscribers were sent an email to alert them of the addition. 

How Many Twitch Founders Badges Per Channel?

Badges are automatically assigned to the first ten subscribers of a Twitch Affiliated channel. Once the channel becomes partnered, up to 15 badges will be retroactively given to members who have already subscribed but weren’t part of the original 10. Any remaining badges will be given out as more members subscribe. 

Custom Incentives for First Subscribers on Twitch

There are a few easy things that streamers can do to create additional incentives for founding subscribers. Here are a few of our ideas:

  1. 1. Create A Unique Name for First Twitch Subs

    These are the knights of your round table. They are your first supporters and will hopefully stay involved in your community for a long time. Find a special name just for them. Keep it in line with your overall branding for maximum effect.

  2. 2. Special Discord Channel for Twitch Founders Subs

    Create a personalized Discord channel for them. Create a founder’s role (or use your personalized name for them) and add it to a private channel on your Discord server. Post in it frequently and listen to their feedback. They will hopefully interact with each other and help you build the foundation for your future community. 

  3. 3. A Panel in Your Profile

    Create a panel to post in your Twitch profile to display the names of your founders. This is a quick and easy way to thank them for their early support. 

Twitch Founder’s Badge Appeal

There is no doubt this system appeals to the gaming nature of Twitch’s audience. It is sure to see an increase in subs for new content creators who show potential. If one of these broadcasters becomes the next DrDisrespect or Shroud, wouldn’t the bragging rights of being one of the first subs be worth it? 

Many Twitch viewers may even actively pursue fresh streamers in a quest to hold as many 1st supporter badges as they are financially able to. This latest change combined with Twitch Affiliates now earning advertising revenue is a great leap forward. It’s about time Twitch put in some groundwork and helped smaller streamers make money from their content.

Do Twitch Founders Badges Help a New Channel?

People love status and bragging rights, and a lot of people will want to be the “first” to support the next big streamer. This means that more people will be willing to go looking through smaller channels in order to find content that they enjoy. When they do find someone entertaining, they will be more likely to subscribe and engage with the community. 

These “early boosts” can do wonders for a small channel. They can get feedback right away and quickly grow into their niche. The founding members will also be pumped about showing off their status and will be more likely to share the channel with their friends. 

Streamers shouldn’t become complacent with these updates. They still need to work to create the value that will attract these viewers and keep them subscribed for longer than a month on their channels. 

More Badges in the Future?

These Twitch badges have created a lot of excitement for both Twitch streamers and Twitch viewers. There have been several suggestions for additional “firsts,” such as first commenters or first followers. While these won’t necessarily help in the monetization of any channels, it may open up ideas for Twitch developers to find more ways to praise early supporters. 

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