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How to Make Twitch Panels [Complete Guide]

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View your panels as a sales page, because ultimately that is what it is. When viewers visit your channel when you are offline, one of the things they’ll look at is your profile to gauge what you are all about. Entice them to follow you and return for your next stream.

Twitch panels are located in your about me section. They are a combination of text and images that can be arranged in order to pass pertinent information to your viewers. The best-designed panels will give your viewers a sense of your brand and help them quickly find what they are looking for. 

This article will cover the bases of creating panels for your profile, as well as give you some examples for inspiration.

Andyreacosplay mixes images, text, and designed panels in her profile to let her followers browse information about her. She also has extra perks for her subscribers and has listed those details. 

Twitch Panel Size

The recommended size for Twitch panels is 320px wide. While Twitch states that the maximum length is 600px long, many have uploaded longer. Images larger than 320px wide will be scaled down to fit. Panels need to be under 1MB in file size.

How to Create Panels for Twitch

You can create your own Twitch Panels by using digital design software. You will need to also make sure that they are the correct size and format (listed below).

Here are three grraphic design programs we recommend:

  • GIMP is a free software that offers several design elements. It also enables you to have a clear background. 
  • You can purchase Affinity products such as Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer for a one-time fee. They offer a host of professional design tools.
  • The Adobe suite has dominated the design community for well over a decade. With continually updated tools, you can do virtually anything with their software. 

Twitch Panel Size

The recommended size for Twitch panels is 320px wide. While Twitch states that the maximum length is 600px long, many have uploaded longer. Images larger than 320px wide will be scaled down to fit. Panels need to be under 1MB in file size.

Outsource Your Panels

Unless you are designing your own or can afford a custom designer, you may need to start out with some Free Twitch panels when you are starting out. Here are a few options for you to browse:

  1. Nerd or Die allows you to easily customize some basic Twitch panels. You can change the color, choose from available icons, and write in your text. Download each when they’re completed and you’ll be off to the next step.  
  2. Own3D has an assortment of free panels, as well as some premium pre-designed panels that you can purchase to use.  
  3. Placeit – Placeit is a template platform that allows you to build custom alerts through a panel maker. You can change the colors, fonts, and several aspects of the design. You can also upload your own graphics to the platform.
  4. Fiverr – If you want fully custom panels, reach out to a designer on Fiverr, a marketplace for freelancers with a range of experience and talent.
Button's twitch panels
Button’s Twitch panels look like each other, but give the viewers a sense about what each panel is about. 

What Your Twitch Panels Should Have on Them

There are some panels that are considered “essential” to include on your Twitch channel. Here are a few that we recommend you create:

About Me

Under the panel, write out basic information about yourself and your channel. Add a fun fact or two that separate you from others who stream similar material. Personal information (even if it is minimal) helps your viewers connect with you and they will be more likely to stay on your channel. 

Set up a donation button on Twitch, but don’t make it the biggest panel or try to draw additional attention to it. People who want to donate will know it is there. Making it too large may make you look greedy and some viewers will be put off by it.

PC Specs

Questions about your equipment are more common than you would expect. Have a list of the equipment you use in your description.

Discord Server Link

Have a panel that links directly to your Discord server. Building a Twitch community Discord server is a good way to see continual growth as viewers will want to work together in the long run.


Post your schedule so that people know when you will be online. Eventually, they will work watching your broadcast into their own routines. 

Your Channel’s Rules

Make sure that you post Twitch chat rules for your channel and chat in your profile. This way, if there is ever a dispute, you can refer back to them. While most viewers have common sense, showing that you have boundaries will keep everyone a little more respectful. 

Channel Perks

If you have special perks for your subscribers, detail them. These perks may entice more people to subscribe and support you long term. 

Examples of Twitch Panels

The following are some examples of Twitch Panels that have been done well. We hope that they spark some inspiration for your own. 

Sandexperiment twitch panels
Sandexperiment is a sand artist on Twitch. Her panels are designed around sand and she pairs it with an image of herself and information about her stream. Her schedule makes sure that people know when she is live. 
Towelliee twitch panels
Towelliee created banners that look like… banners. They are very reminiscent of video-game style and clearly show where each link will take the viewer. 
Twitch Hi-Tech panels
Sintica is a DJ. Her Twitch panels have unique geometric shapes which add uniqueness to her profile. 
Bajostream twitch panels
Bajostream has simple panels that have the same nautical-esque design to them. Small graphics are placed over the background to help viewers navigate the profile. 
Fafylara twitch panels
Fafylara plays Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six. You can see her particular style, as well as her love for pets in her profile. 
Fezojzombie twitch panels
Fezojzombie has bright graphics that are reminiscent of his bright personality and neon hair. These panels stand out and are memorable. 
Fakeuniform's twitch panels
Fakeuniform’s panels are reminiscent of stones with little elements within each of them. These clues help people understand information about his stream. 

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