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Gaming Logo Makers – Best Free & Premium Designs

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Whether you are building up your gaming skill or you are starting a streaming career, a logo is a good way to establish yourself as a brand. People can tell a lot about a brand about a logo and sponsors want to work with people who take their branding seriously. 

A good logo is the first step in creating a consistent brand that will not only open up new avenues of monetization in the future but will also establish you as a contender among the crowd. Not only can you use it as your avatar, but you can add it to a designed Twitch banner and other graphics. Start off strong with a graphic that stands out visually and shows your audience what you are all about. 

Our Logo Maker Ranking Process

When ranking these logo makers, we considered the following traits:

  • Easy customization – being able to move graphics or create changes to the overall look of your logo allows you to get something you know you will love and use
  • Price point – not all gamers have expendable income that they can use on custom graphics
  • Overall selection – some platforms have more templates, stickers, and options to choose from over others. 
  • Other products and services – you will likely need additional graphics as well. Having a “One Stop Shop” allows you to easily create many designs that correlate together. 

Best Gaming Logo Makers

  1. Fiverr – Best Range of Designs
  2. Placeit – Best Low-cost Designs
  3. Tailor Brands – Best for Concept Ideas
  4. Visuals by Impulse – Best Premium Designs
  5. Logo Design
  6. Brand Crowd
  7. Gaming Logo Maker

1. Fiverr

fiverr logo

Fiverr is an online freelance marketplace that pairs designers with people who need graphics. You can search through the portfolios of hundreds of creators to find a style that you appreciate most. If you want to upload custom banner designs but are low on cash, Fiverr is a great place to find reasonable rates. 

Reach out to a designer and explain your needs to them. Let them know what you want and see if they are willing to work with you. Try to find one that offers 2-3 revisions, just so you can change slight things after the image has been created. With Fiverr, you can produce almost anything. 

Gaming Logo Designs on Fiverr start from as little as $5 with artists available to bring your ideas to life.

2. Placeit by Envato


Placeit by Envato is a platform that gives its users templates that can be built upon to create something unique and to their brand. Their logo maker is completely customizable, even giving you the ability to upload your own custom graphics. 

The background, image, and text are all completely customizable. You can even move the parts around the screen to ensure that you exactly what you want. You can easily make high-quality graphics in a matter of minutes. 

Placeit has templates for many graphics that gamers use throughout their careers. In addition to logos, you can also create several other graphics for Twitch. If you want to create branded graphics for your stream at a very reasonable price, check out Placeit and level up your design. 

3. Tailor Brands 

tailor brands

Whether you are an up-and-coming esports gamer or a live-streamer, gaming logos are a great way to market your abilities and create a solid brand. Tailor Brands takes you step-by-step through looking at specific graphics to choosing which text-styles you like. 

When you have finished, Tailor Brands will generate a few options for you to browse. Choose the one you like most to customize more about it. They will offer new layouts, good color combinations, and other options to create a logo that is sleek and professional. 

4. Visuals by Impulse


Visuals by Impulse is known for creating high-end custom graphics for gamers and streamers. Their designers are highly skilled and have a knack for understanding your core values and what you want in a graphic. That being said, they will only work with gamers and streamers who know what they want. They receive a lot of inquiries and streamline their processes toward productivity. 

If you have a clear picture of what you want for a logo, reach out to Visuals by Impulse to commission them for their work. In addition to gaming logos, Visuals by Impulse produces many other products, most of which can come in packages.

logo design

Logo Design is a platform that offers both logo templates and will create custom logos. The templates are easy to use. Simply type in your brand name and the logo maker will generate several templates. While there aren’t many customization options, you can change the color and the text to make the image resemble your brand more closely. 

Logo Design focuses its efforts on creating logos for individual and company brands. While many of their templates are free, their main focus is to create custom graphics that align with the overall feel of the brand. 

6. BrandCrowd

brand crowd

Brand Crowd gives you templates that you can edit. The platform is easy to use and you can quickly change the layout, text, brand ground, and logo colors. While you can create a logo for yourself or your team very quickly, the program has fewer options than some of the other platforms on this list. 

Brand Crowd focuses on creating logos for any industry. Their site is filled with logos that you can customize to make your own. They also have a business card maker. 

7. Gaming Logo Maker

The Gaming Logo Maker is a free logo-making app. While it is fairly limited in its current state, there are several customizations you can use to make it more uniquely your own. Here are a few of the features:

  • More than 50 Logo stickers you can choose from
  • Frames, photo effects, and stickers
  • Lettering customization, including size and color

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