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Streamlabs Prime Price and Guide

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Streamlabs Prime is a premium upgrade full of features and tools that can enhance your stream’s channel. For a low monthly cost, you can take your production value to the next level with the themes, apps, and personal streamer website that Streamlabs Prime offers you.

Streamlabs released its Prime features in January 2020 and many streamers have already taken advantage of the bonus perks and upgraded features. Prime members get the option to customize their chatbot and earn more through merchandise sales. 

Streamlabs Prime Cost

Streamlabs Prime costs $19 USD per month or $149 USD per year (which breaks down to $12.42 per month). Your subscription will automatically renew until you have canceled it through the platform. Streamlabs accepts payments via credit card or PayPal. 

What Do You Get with Streamlabs Prime?

Streamlabs Prime allows you to use everything included with regular Streamlabs but adds new and upgraded perks that take your stream to the next level. These include:

1. Streamlabs App Store

There are over 40 apps in the Streamlabs Prime App store and all of them are available to you when subscribed to Prime. Here is a list of 7 of their most popular apps and their function:

  1. Jingle Punks

    Royalty-free music for your stream can be hard to come by, but Jingle Punks takes out all of the guesswork with their library of over 100,000 royalty-free songs that can be played with no risk of your VODs being muted. They have songs in every genre so you will be able to find music that you and your audience will enjoy. 

  2. Bit Wars

    Monetize your audience’s love for polls with the Bit Wars app. Create a poll and allow your audience to use bits to vote in the poll. You can create polls about anything ranging from what game you should play next to whether or not tea is better than coffee. 

  3. Mojichat

    A stream alerts app that features an avatar of yourself (you set it up) that animates when people follow, subscribe, or donate to your channel. It is fully customizable even to the point where you get to choose which animations play out. 

  4. StreamSocial

    When you are getting ready to stream, there are many things you have to do before you go live. StreamSocial takes one thing off your list by automatically sending a Tweet when you go live. You can set up messages for when you go live, when you stop streaming, and/or when you change games during the broadcast. 

  5. SteaM Ticker

    This app allows you to create animated stream alerts with font style and color customization, description customization, and preset styles if you need to get them up and going quickly. It is easy to add new alerts and edit them in the future. 

  6. Better Motion

    This tool allows streamers to animate the sources in each Streamlabs scene. You can create seamless animations that feel organic and give your stream a professional tone. You can also change the scale of a source during the movement. 

  7. Advanced Overlay Maker

    Developed by Nerd or Die, the Advanced Overlay Maker lets you choose a basic overly, then enhance it to better match your brand. You can mix and match templates, change colors, and add or edit text. 

2. Streamlabs Themes

Streamlabs Prime gives you immediate access to the best Twitch overlays, panels, and other graphics for your channel. Including popular designs from OWN3D, DreanerDesigns, and WightVisuals, you’ll be able to find themes that go well with your channel’s overall branding. 

Streamlabs also offers free themes for widgets and a website. Many correlate with the channel themes, allowing you to create an overall brand with continuity very quickly. 

3. Streamlabs Custom Website

Included in your Streamlabs Prime is the opportunity to create your own website. Streamlabs includes everything you need in their package, such as:

  • desktop

    Custom Domains

    You can pick any available domain for your website to keep it entirely on brand.

  • browser


    As mentioned above, you can choose one of several themes that will work best with your particular style.

  • global

    EmaiL Hosting

    With a branded email host, you’ll be better prepared to reach out to potential sponsors.

  • magnifying-glass

    Site SEO

    Streamlabs has built its sites with optimization in mind so that you have a better chance in ranking for your name.

  • layers


    You can easily assemble your site with drag-and-drop modules.

  • profile-male

    Social integration

    Let your viewers easily find your socials right from your website, allowing you to build your brand across all platforms. 

4. Streamlabs Custom Merch Store

sl merch

Are your viewers asking for custom merch? You can give them what they want by customizing up to (nearly) 200 different items through Streamlabs Prime. You can customize how your graphics will look, set up a merch store on your channel, and earn passive income over time. 

Streamlabs handles the payment, production, and shipping for you and typically gives your more for each item sold than similar platforms. Items are made as they are purchased, so you don’t need to worry about buying in bulk or storing items until they sell. With Prime, you will be able to earn between $3 (for a sticker pack) – $20 (for a hoodie) per item sold. 

5. Gold Status on All-Star Program

Purchasing prime automatically jumps you ahead to gold status in Streamlab’s All-Star Program. This means that not only will you unlock the 2x Giveaway Entries perk (from the Ruby tier), you’ll be given access to the following:

  • Streamlabs exclusive T-shirt
  • Brand discounts
  • Custom website and domain
  • Professionally designed themes
  • Unlimited apps
  • Extra file storage

6. Streamlabs Mobile App

If you broadcast IRL (in real life) streams, Streamlabs Prime gives you your own hosted server in the Streamlabs Cloud. This way if your stream gets disconnected, your stream won’t go offline. Prime offers unlimited bandwidth so that you don’t have to worry. You can also create a custom disconnect stream that your viewers will see while you reconnect.

7. Cloudbot Customization

Streamlabs is one of the best streaming cloudbots out there. Easily integrated into Twitch regardless of whether or not you use the broadcasting software, it can be customized to manage all the commands you need to let your channel run smoothly. While anyone can use the cloudbot, Prime allows you to customize it and rename it something that matches your brand. 

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