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How to Stream on Dlive

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Streaming has become one of the most popular forms of online entertainment. You may have heard of Twitch, YouTube live, or even FaceBook live stream, but there are a few alternatives to these major streaming services you may not have heard of. One of these is DLive. A popular streaming platform that operates a bit differently than the ones you may know about.

In this article, we will covering some of the finer points of DLive, from what the platform offers, to how to stream on your PC and mobile device.

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What is Dlive?

DLive is a streaming platform founded in 2017 to compete with the larger services of the time. The site is based around a blockchain model, rewarding the userbase of both viewers and streamers for being active on the platform.

The site has gone through a few changes over time, starting with DLive’s initial launch in 2017 on the Steem blockchain. In 2018 DLive relaunched under the Lino Network blockchain. In 2019 DLive was purchased by BitTorrent and switched from Lino points to the TRON Network.

Dlive monetization is based in Blockchain currency and donation systems. Blockchain cryptocurrency is an online currency in which transactions and records are maintained by a decentralized system using cryptography, rather than a government or centralized body like the Euro, American dollar, or any other type of currency issued by an established government.

Initially DLive did not take a cut of streamers revenue, but in 2020 changed to 90.1% to streamers and 9.9% to the site for upkeep and operating costs.

The DLive website and streaming service has incredibly lax standards in regards to content. As such, there have been many Alt-Right and conspiracy streams. In 2020 the largest live streaming community among top streamers on DLive was far-right extremists, making up over 95% of top streams.

How to Stream on Dlive

Streaming a DLive channel is essentially the same as any other streaming platform.

  1. Download broadcasting software

    A few popular options for streaming software: OBS Studio, XSplit, Restream, StreamLabs.

  2. Update encoder settings

    These preferences will depend on your PC, network connection, and location.

  3. Log in to the Dlive web page

    Create a Dlive account and accept the community guidelines.

  4. Click the camcorder icon in the top right corner

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  5. Fill out the stream information and select a thumbnail image

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  6. Save your information and get your stream key

    After filling out your live stream details and clicking save you will be given your stream key.

  7. Enter your stream URL and key into your preferred broadcast software to get started

How to Stream on Dlive Mobile

If you want to stream on DLive from your Mobile device:

  1. Download and log in to the DLive mobile app

  2. Select Go Live and fill out the stream info

    Type of stream, stream title, language, tags, etc.

  3. To stop your stream tap the red power button in the top right

Notes for mobile live streams:

  • Turning your phone will also change the stream view. Also, when streaming games chat will only be available by swapping to the DLive app.
  • IRL live videos will have an overlay op top of the live broadcast showing users and audience chat.

How to Find Your DLive Stream Key

Your Dlive stream key will automatically be given to you when you fill out and save the live stream information. Paste the key into your preferred

Should You Share Your Stream Key?

Never share you stream key with anyone. Exceptions to this are if you are going to host events that require multiple streamers that need to access your live stream channel.

What to Do If Someone Gets Your DLive Stream Key

Stop your stream and start a new one using a freshly generated key. For information on what to do if your account or stream has been compromised, visit the DLive Help Center on their website.


We hope you have found this article helpful for finding out any information about DLive streams. If you decide to join the growing number of live streamers on DLive, download one of the many broadcast software options to your computer, sign up for DLive completely free, and start creating content today.

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