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Subscription Gifting Leaderboard – Extension Review

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Twitch extensions are a good way to add some extra flavor to your channel. Whether you add tools or mini-games for you fans, your stream should be impacted in a positive way.

Subscription Gifting Leaderboard Overview

subscription gifting
by antimattertape

Twitch Extension Category: Loyalty and Recognition

Types: Panel

Extension Link: Subscription Gifting Leaderboard

Extension Details

With the Subscription Gifting Leaderboard, you can celebrate the viewers who generously decided to give gifted subs on Twitch. The extension will show the all-time leaderboard from when it was installed as a plugin.

If you want to ensure that people who gave subs before the extension was added, then you can add them manually on the board.

sub gifting leaderboard

The Subscription Gifting Leaderboard extension is easy to install and activate on your channel. You will need to set it as a panel extension.

Eligibility to Use the Extension

In order to use the Subscription Gifting Leaderboard extension, you must have the following:

  • An active Twitch account
  • An available panel extension slot

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