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Catjam Emote Meaning

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You may have this emote of a funky white cat rhythmically bobbing its head in the chat of your favorite Twitch stream. While he certainly looks cool, what is the catJAM twitch emote meaning?

The catJAM emote features a dancing cat, and basically, the catjam emote means you are enjoying the music playing. That’s it.

So if you think the streamer has a good song playing, put catJAM in chat to let them know.

CatJAM Emote
CatJAM Emote

CatJAM Emote Origin

CatJAM comes from a viral TikTok video posted by TikTok user micklagi, in which this vibing cat is rocking out to the song, “I wanna dance,” by Jonas Blue.

Many people have used the cat since then on other social media platforms, making him even more popular.

Bilal Göregen’s YouTube video quickly became famous, featuring Bilal playing drums with the cat bobbing his head in the foreground.

The catJAM emote was uploaded to BetterTwitch TV by user madlittlecat, making the popular emote available across the platform.

The emote really rose in popularity on Twitch when it was requested in a Reddit post to be added to the chat on xQc’s Twitch channel. The post received a ton of comments and upvotes, leading to the addition of the emote to xQc’s channel.

Shortly after that, it was added to Tyler1’s channel, and since then has become an infamous meme and is used by almost all of the biggest streamers.

Here’s the Bilal Göregen’s YouTube video:

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Use the CatJAM Emote on Twitch

For users to use Twitch emotes on your stream you must be an affiliate or partner on Twitch. You then can upload emotes for your subscribers to use in chat on your channel in the chat settings.

If your Twitch account is not an affiliate or partner, or you are a user that is not subscribed and want to use emotes, there are ways to do so.

One of the most popular ways is to use Better Twitch TV (BTTV). This Chrome extension allows a Twitch user to use emotes in their chat comments that are viewable by other users using the extension. The streamer needs to have emotes enabled in BTTV settings, and you can post whatever you like from the emotes list on those Twitch channels.

Check out the BTTV website at and install the chrome browser extension.

BetterTTV browser extension

What other Emotes are Like CatJAM?

While there really isn’t anything that compares to this awesome cat, another emote that has been used to display an enjoyment of a streamer’s music is the pepeD emote on Twitch. It features an 8-bit Pepe the Frog dancing with his arms in the air.

8-bit Pepe the Frog

This can be an alright substitute if the streamer doesn’t have the catJAM emote enabled in their stream. But honestly, they really should. That cat is just too cool.

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