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BibleThump Meaning

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BibleThump Meaning

The BibleThump emote is used to express sadness or disappointment, either when the user is truly sad or meming. It is a general “tears” emote that can be used in the same way. It can be used to express real sadness or as a joke.

Released: 2012

BibleThump Emote Origin

The BibleThump emote is the most popular “cry-emote” due to the fact that you can clearly see the tears even when it is reduced to a miniature size. The emote is based on the face of Isaac from the game The Binding of Isaac. 

It was popularized in 2013 with the website ICryEveryTime which was nothing but a flash animation of BibleThump emotes that would fall down the screen. To top it all off, the site plays sad violin music in the background. If you want to time the amount you have cried (for whatever reason), sitting on this site will play a timer.

The emote peaked in popularity in 2015, but has remained a commonly used emote ever since. Though the BabyRage emote has negative connotations associated with it, BibleThump simply means that you are sad or disappointed. 

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