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How to Get Free Twitch Emotes

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As channel emotes and emote bundles are unique to each streamer for many they can be an unexpected up front cost. This guide will run you through the best ways to get free or dirt cheap emotes.

While there are many designers who make custom made Twitch emotes, if you are a brand new broadcaster, your stream-budget may be tight. This guide will give you some ideas on how you may be able to score some free (or discounted) emotes.

How To Create an Emote

The only guaranteed way that you can earn free Twitch emotes is to learn to make them yourself. There are many tools you can use to complete this, depending on how complex you want your emotes to be. 

You don’t necessarily have to draw out every emote. You can learn to crop your own (or royalty-free) images, remove backgrounds, use filters, and other design elements to create a unique product. 

While your results might not be “professional quality,” you can always replace them at a later date when you can afford designer emotes (or finally win that giveaway). Read our post, How to Add an Emote to Twitch for a step-by-step process on how to replace an emote. 

There are several free design programs available and you can find many emote tutorials on YouTube. 

Where to Find Free Twitch Emotes

Designers earn through charging for their work. However, some streamers are able to find free Twitch emotes through giveaways, service trades, promotions, or Discord. Many simple Twitch emotes can be created on free software. 

  1. 1. Free Emotes From Twitch

    If you need free emotes right away, Twitch has 120 subscribers emotes that you can use. You can download them from their subscriber emote page on their site. Twitch has also stated that you can use them as your sub badges if you would prefer. As there are only 120 of them and they are available to every affiliate and partner, it is likely that other streamers will use them as well.

  2. 2. Search for Emote Giveaways

    Many creative streamers often give away free design work on their streams. Start frequenting Twitch’s Creative Section to follow broadcasters who regularly create graphics for Twitch. Be active in their streams, and do what you can to support them. If they have a Discord, join it. Many streamers will announce giveaways on Discord or in their socials.

    While you mean not get a free emote through this, especially if there’s a lot of competition, it will open you up for possible collaboration in the future.

  3. 3. Trade for Free Emotes

    If you have a skill you can offer, you may be able to trade that skill for custom emotes. Find a creator who could benefit from your skill and approach them. Here are a few things you may be able to offer in exchange for design-work:

    • pencil


      Some designers also stream or produce YouTube videos. If you have strong editing skills, reach out to them and offer to create a compilation for them in exchange for emotes. Showcase their work throughout the video. 

    • clipboard


      If you have a knack for creating widgets for your stream, offer to make them something unique for their channel that will stand out to their viewers. 

    • laptop


      If you already have your own websites and pay for hosting, creating a new site is relatively cheap. Offer to build them a quick site where they can showcase their products to potential clients. 

    • megaphone


      In the event that you have a decent following, you may be able to trade for promotion. Mention them a few times on your socials or call them out in your streams. 

    The skills don’t necessarily have to be industry-related. Regardless of what it is, if you can meet one of their needs for them, they may create emotes for you. 

    meh twitch cat emote sizes
  4. Discord Channel for Follower Help

    Create a channel on your Discord server for services you need and a call-out to followers. Remember, you aren’t entitled to free services, but if someone wants to support you in a non-financial way, give them a way to do so. Announce something like the following: 

    “Hey friends, there is no obligation to complete any of these tasks. I value your viewership and what you bring to our community. If, however, you want to help out my channel in another way, here are a few things that I need. I appreciate your ongoing support.”

    At that point, list anything you may need or want for your channel, including emotes. If a follower sees it and is inclined to support you in that way, they will reach out to you. Some viewers would rather support a streamer through services than they would financially. 

Designers Should Be Compensated

Some people forget that graphics take a long time to create. Designers spend countless hours refining their skills and building their portfolios. Creating great-looking emotes shouldn’t be seen as cheap or easy. While you might be able to find a few free services here or there, try to hire them for other work in the future to thank them for their help along the way. 

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