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How to Auto-Host on Twitch

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While you can manually host a streamer from your channel when you are live, if you want to host them frequently, it is much more efficient to set up auto-hosting through your dashboard. 

This post will cover what auto-hosting is, how you can quickly set it up, and reasons why you should consider doing it.

What is Twitch Auto-Hosting?

Twitch auto-hosting is when a streamer changes thier dashboard settings to host other channels when the streamer is offline. When one of the designated streamers go live, the first channel will host them. 

How to Set Up Auto-Hosting on Twitch

To set up auto-hosting on Twitch, follow these steps:

Step 1: Click on your avatar on the upper right-hand side of the screen, then choose “Settings” from the drop-down menu. 

Step 2: Select the “Channel and Videos” tab at the top of the screen. 

Step 3: Scroll down the menu until you find the “Auto Hosting” section. 

Step 4: If you want to set up your own channels to auto-host, toggle the button to the on position. If you want to set it up for any streamers on your team, toggle that option to the on position. 

Step 5: To add channels that will be hosted, click the “Host List” option. 

Step 6: Type in the name of each channel you want to host and click the “Add” button to add them to your list. 

Reasons to Host Other Streamers 

There are several reasons why you should host other streamers on Twitch. Here are just a few:

  • Help Out Streamers You Appreciate – You don’t necessarily have to be a streamer to host another channel on Twitch. While they may not get many views through your channel over-time, showing them the extra support can be an encouragement to many smaller channels. 
  • Host Shares on Twitch Teams – If you are a part of a Twitch team, it is likely that you will be asked to host other teammates when you are not online. This will help your viewers connect with other teammates and it may send traffic back your way occasionally as well. 
  • Part of Collaboration – If you frequently collaborate with 2-3 other streamers, hosting each other is a good way to encourage growth over time. 
  • Keep Your Channel Active – Even if it isn’t your content playing, it is nice to have something live for those who find your channel through your socials or other means. 


Once you set up auto-hosing, you won’t have to manually host your favorite streamers when you are offline. The system will go on indefinitely until you disable it or change the streamers hosted. 

About the Author


Chris is a digital marketer with a strong background in influencer branding. He applies his knowledge of content and promotional strategies to design actionable advice for new and intermediate streamers.

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