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Best Tags for Twitch

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Tagging correctly on Twitch can be the difference to between being discovered, and going almost completely unnoticed. Utilising the tag feature essentially lessens your competition when users filter by those tags – instead of being 1/1000 streamers playing fortnite, you could be 1/100! But what tags should you use? In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the best Twitch tags and how to utilize tags for growth on your channel.

Should You Use Twitch Tags?

In short, yes. You should absolutely be utilising Twitch tags in every live stream! Whether you are using trending tags or something that just fits your channel or your current stream, this basically subcategories your channel – anyone filtering through that tag will find you much easier than if you were using no tags at all.

Though you may find some tags in certain categories are somewhat over saturated, Twitch tags are not nearly used enough by streamers so the competition will always be smaller – less competition often means more growth. Don’t take this as ‘If you use tags, you’ll blow up on Twitch’, that’s just not the case, but you will definitely improve the odds against becoming the new Ninja!

Which Tags Are The Best?

  1. 1. Playing With Viewers

    If you are playing with your viewer, this tag is a trending tag on most multiplayer games categories on Twitch, meaning there is already a large community out there looking to play with streamers… There is no harm in you tapping into that!

  2. 2. AMA

    If you are just chatting streaming, this tag is great for attracting an audience looking to get to know and connect with a streamer through conversation.

  3. 3. Permadeath

    If you are a hardcore playing, having 1 life in your game can bring a lot of hype and attention to your stream, especially if you last a long time. This tag helps people interested in that easily find your stream and the tag is not too heavily saturated given the intensity of the game mode.

  4. 4. Challenge Run

    If your stream is focused on you completing difficult challenges, this tag will help you attract an audience interested in that. Much like hardcore and speed runs, a more challenging gamemode or goal can bring a lot of hype to your stream, which brings us to the next one.

  5. 5. Speed Run

    If you are speed running a game on your live stream, use this tag. There is a large community of speedrunners on Twitch in all different categories and in turn, a lot of viewers interested in that type of content.

  6. 6. First Playthrough

    If you are playing a game for the first time on Twitch, using this tag can also attract the attention of first time viewers of the game looking for a community to see how the story plays out with.

  7. 7. Art Commissions

    If you are an art streamer, it’s quite possible you do commission work. Use this tag when you are working on those commissions on stream and you might even get yourself a new sale!

  8. 8. Backseat Gaming Allowed

    If you don’t mind your chat helping you improve your skills and gameplay, use this tag. The best part about Twitch is the interactions with the creators and viewers, doing things like this help encourage an active chat and also creates an engaging live stream.

How to Choose the Best Tags for Your Channel

Which tags to use for your live streams are completely dependent on the type of content you are making. You should try to use tags which are relevant to what you are doing in that particular stream and on your channel in general. For example; if you are a just chatting streamer, AMA can be a very good tag to attract an audience who interested in getting to know a streamer and who are more than likely ok with a chatting stream, if you play a lot of community games, using the Playing With Viewers tag whilst you play that game will help you attract an audience ready to join those viewer games. Then there are ‘Trending‘ tags…

Trending tags, are popular tags which are being used to refine searches in all categories on Twitch. Each category has a different list of trending tags, but the process for picking out the popular one is always the same. Lets use Minecraft for this example!

Twitch minecraft trending tags

As you can see here, there’s a small list of trending tags right next to the search tags area. Now watch what happens if I click anyone of those tags.

twitch minecraft live channels

Looking at the viewer count of the top streamer here, it’s considerably a lot lower compared to the last screenshot. That’s not a bad thing at all by the way! All this means is it is going to be less scrolling for people to stumble across your channel and even easier to place high!

twitch search tags

If these tags do not fit your context of your live stream, you can find a few more trending tags by just clicking the search tags bar!

About the Author


Arry, also known as ArryBo, is a full time Partnered Twitch streamer from the southeast of England! Video gaming and music are two of the passions he shares on his stream.

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