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Twitch Alert Sounds – Best Free & Premium Sound Clips

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If used correctly, sound alerts can add a lot to the quality of your stream. The sounds, music, colors, and several other factors make up your overall brand. Played at the right moment, sounds can surprise or delight your viewers, making them more likely to think highly of your channel.

This article will cover the basics of the Sound Alerts Extension, where you can find free Twitch sound clips to use, and what you should look for when choosing the bytes you want to play on your channel. 

This post will include the following frequently asked questions:
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What are Twitch Alert Sounds?

Sound will help your alerts to stand out when people follow, subscribe, or donate to your stream. Here are a few ideas that you can use to make your Twitch alerts special:

  • Pair the sound with animation or a GIF. Try to keep both on point with your branding. 
  • Make it a sound that captures your (and your other viewers) attention. Don’t have it blend in with the rest of your stream. Seeing others subscribe or donate may encourage some to do the same. 
  • Use your own voice or sound effects to make the alerts uniquely yours. 

Premium Twitch Sound Alerts:

If you are willing to buy a few sounds or subscribe to a service for your sound effects, you can access libraries of high-quality sounds from movies, music, sound clips, and more. Here is a list of three paid sites that streamers use to find sounds:


Own3D has created packages of sound alerts specifically with streamers in mind. They are compatible with several platforms and all major streaming software. 


AudioMicro has sound effects, stock music, and loop packs for you to browse. They have thousands of unique soundbites that you can use to customize your streams.  


SoundSnap allows you to purchase packages that give you an allotted amount of downloads that you can use to purchase sounds on their site. You can also get unlimited access for $17 per month (or $199 per year). 

Free Alert Sounds for Streamlabs:


Freesound is a collaborative space where people can upload or use a myriad of sounds for a variety of purposes.  


SoundBible is updated 3 times per week. There are thousands of sounds you can choose to download for your creative ideas. 

Twitch’s Sound Alerts Extension

If you stream on Twitch, you can set up the Sound Alerts extension to allow your viewers to use specific sound alerts in exchange for bits. You do share 20% of the Bits earned with this extension with the extension creator. 

The number of bits required to activate a sound alert is customizable, allowing you to make the best sounds more expensive. 

Bits donated with the Sound Alerts extension will still count toward the viewer’s overall bit-donations if they are pushing toward a badge or a place on your leaderboard. 

Free Online Soundboard for your Stream Sounds

If you periodically want to play a sound alert on your steam, use the MyInstants soundboard. You can search for specific sounds among thousands of options. With your own account, you can collect your favorite streams so that you can easily access them while you stream. 

If you click on the title of the sound, you go to a page where you can share the sound, copy it to your clipboard, or download it. This way, if you have a Stream Deck (more on how later on in this article) or another tool you like to use to navigate your graphics and sounds, you can configure it easily. 

You can also use Soundboard to find and download sounds for your stream. The website has 500,000 sounds that cover a variety of topics. Download the ones you wish or create your own personal soundboard. 

How to Create Twitch Sound Alerts

You can also pull sounds from your past streams using your editing software. If you had a strong reaction or laughed heartily, take the sound to reuse on future streams or add it to the sound alerts extension. 

It will become a part of your brand and an inside joke for your viewers, especially if you combine it with a GIF or clip. 

Can You Use Sound Alerts from Anywhere?

Like GIFs, sound alerts are a copyright grey area. As long as they are short and they aren’t “taking anything away” from the original work (meaning people still need to purchase the original work to enjoy it), you generally won’t get in trouble using them. You should keep an eye on copyright laws and adjust your practices as they change.

How to Use Your Stream Deck as a Soundboard

If you own an Elgato Stream Deck, you know how easy it is to program and use during your stream. If you have a few sounds you would like to play throughout your broadcast, you can configure a part of it to be a soundboard. 

You can play multiple alerts at once, allowing you to stack certain sounds for a greater effect. If you have a longer clip playing, you can click the button again to turn it off. 

Which Sound Effects Should You Use for Your Stream?

As with everything else on your stream, you should try to keep the sounds you play associated with your brand. The better your Twitch branding, the more your followers will associate other things with you, which will enrich your community and bring in new viewers.

How To Keep Your Sounds On Brand

  • Use sounds that are related to your genre. For instance, if you play horror games, use dramatic sounds like rusty hinges or zombies groaning. You could also pay someone (or create your own version) to make a soundbite hissing, “Look behind you,  ,” or another phrase personalized to you.
  • Use sounds from past streams or from your friends’ reactions. 
  • Sounds from popular movies or clips are also very popular as many people can relate to them, even if they are brand new to your channel. If you go in this direction, choose sounds from your favorite shows or movies and post that information somewhere on your channel. Knowing your favorite movies is a great conversation starter and helps them connect with you as a person. 
  • Use certain sounds for specific parts of your stream, or if something happens. Does your cat frequently jump on your lap? Have a sound for that. Do you frequently die when playing Fortnite? Have a sound for that. While you shouldn’t have sounds for everything that happens on your stream, 3-4 well-placed sound effects can brighten your channel.

Interactive Sound Alert Ideas for Twitch

You can also incorporate sounds to go with your content and add them to the sound alerts extension. This way, viewers can interact with your content. Here are some examples:

  • If you play MMOs that have sounds associated with other approaching players, add those to as a sound clip. Alternatively, you can add gun-fire, attack sounds, or other event sounds. If you play Minecraft, add the hissing sound that the creepers make. Some of your viewers would love to donate bits for a sound in order to watch you react. 
  • If you run an ASMR channel, have a few soundbites of tingle-inducing sounds that viewers can play over your content for added effect. 
  • If you’re a musician, add the sound of cymbals or other musical elements to let your viewers become “part of your band.”
  • Consider setting up sound alerts as a way to tell you to change an aspect of the content. For instance, you may have to clear your inventory of an item when a certain sound plays or stand up and do ten jumping jacks even if you are at the endgame. 

Any sounds that can help your viewers interact with you for a laugh will entice more of them to donate to your stream in that way. It also strengthens the quality of your content and channel. 


Find good sound alerts to add to your stream. Over time, you’ll be able to fine-tune what you play to create a better show. You should also look into Free Music for your stream to up your stream quality.

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