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Ricegum Net Worth

Real name
Bryan Le
American (Chinese-Vietnamese descent)
Date of birth
19th November 1996 (27 years)

Net worth

$ 7 million - $8 million

Bryan Le is one of the most famous YouTubers and internet personalities in the industry. He became infamous for his uncalled for commentaries and was even banned from Twitch for a time due to streaming nudity in his channel. His career has been stained with one controversy after another for someone who is of Asian-descent.

Find out more about Bryan ‘Ricegum’ Le in this article.

Who is Ricegum?


Bryan ‘Ricegum’ Le is a famous YouTuber who has amassed a great wealth in the platform.

Early Life

Ricegum is a popular American YouTube personality known for his parody music videos and ridiculous comments that made him very controversial on the internet. Born Bryan Quang Le, Ricegum’s birthdate was on November 19, 1996 at Las Vegas, Nevada US. He is of Chinese and Vietnamese descent and currently lives in Los Angeles, California USA.

Ricegum started his YouTube career in 2012 and his Twitch career a year after.

Living the Las Vegas Dream

Ricegum dropped out of college in 2016 to become a full-time YouTuber. It was a risky move but he proved the worth of it. At an early age of 25, he’s already living the Las Vegas dream that many people covet after.

Personal Life: Ricegum’s Career over the Years

Ricegum started off in YouTube mostly doing commentaries on Call of Duty gameplays. A year after creating his YouTube channel, Ricegum joined the thousands of streamers in Twitch and started streaming online. Both of his channels didn’t really have much views then until he switched to comedy.

With his new found genre, Ricegum began doing comedy. One of his famous videos was titled ‘These Kids must be Stopped!’ which earned millions of views. Following that viral video, Ricegum went on and made a music video entitled ‘Every Night Sis’ which was a parody to ‘Every Day Bro’ by Jake Paul. To even make his music video more engaging, he made the video featuring Alissa Violet, Jake Paul’s ex-girlfriend. The MV was a hit that it came to place #80 in the Billboard USA Hot 100. Having that kind of recognition, Ricegum’s popularity skyrocketed.

Following ‘Every Night Sis’ momentum, Ricegum would continue to release more singles, in the same year, namely: “Frick da Police” and “Naughty or Nice” in 2017.

Games that Ricegum Plays

Ricegum also streamed games through the Purple Platform. His most streamed games are:

  • Fortnite Battle Royale
  • Grand Theft Auto V
  • Call of Duty: Warzone
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War
  • Among Us
  • NBA 2K20

Ricegum Net Worth – How They Made Money

Just like other famous YouTubers and Twitch streamers, Ricegum generates income through ads viewed on live streams, active and paid subscriptions, donations, sponsorships, and other exclusive contracts from streaming companies or from famous brands.

How Much Does Ricegum Earn From Twitch?

Ricegum has earned in Twitch through donations, advertisements, and paid subscriptions.

In July 2021, Ricegum went on hiatus and is currently streaming via YouTube.

ricegum twitch

Ricegum Twitch Tracker Stats – All Time

ricegum twitch stats

How Much Does Ricegum Earn From YouTube?

Ricegum is now streaming exclusively on YouTube. He earns on the platform mostly through ads viewed in every stream. His main channel has more than 10 million subscribers and more than 2.17 billion total views. Having these kinds of figures already puts Ricegum on earning big with YouTube. It looks like he’s making at least $50,000 monthly, in ads alone. Moreover, this estimate does not include his undisclosed exclusive contract on YT Gaming.

Ricegum YouTube Channel

ricegum youtube

Ricegum Extra: RiceLive YouTube Channel

Bryan Le also has another YouTube channel named ‘Ricegum Extra’ on RiceLive.

ricegum youtube2

With his Twitch and YouTube channels generating income, Ricegum’s earnings should be around $180,000 a month and approximately $2 million every year.

Ricegum Merch

Ricegum sells his merch in a RedBubble store online. You can also find some of his merchandise in the SpreadShirt shop. He also sold shirts and sweatshirts via Amazon but the items are currently unavailable.

Who Sponsors Ricegum?

Ricegum doesn’t have a lot of sponsors. He was one-time associated with a website called “Mystery Brand” which was rumored to be a scheming and fraudulent site. He was allegedly offered a sumptuous $100,000 deal to promote the said website. In his defense, he gave away free Amazon coupons in order to appease those who were upset on the turning of events.

FAQs About Ricegum

What is Ricegum’s net worth in 2022?

Ricegum’s estimated net worth of 8 million in 2020 (and rising to $10 million), might just be true given that he’s not only a Twitch streamer, but also a content creator, and a music producer. However, with his multiplying controversies over the years, and his becoming sour in the public’s eye, Ricegum’s net worth fluctuated and even went down a little. By the end of 2022, he might go down to the $7 million mark.

Who is Ricegum dating now?

Ricegum isn’t publicly dating anyone at the moment.

What does ‘Ricegum’ mean?

Nobody really knows exactly how Ricegum got his name. But because of his infamous personality and commentaries, the word ‘Ricegum’ doesn’t mean good around the internet. Whenever you search for the meaning of ‘Ricegum’, you would get a variety of negative word associations such as “A racist Asian guy” and someone ‘Degenerate’.


Ricegum’s audacity was funny for many people; but his odious behavior is something that should not be uplifted and normalized in the society. Becoming famous for a bad thing is not really a good success. It might get you rich, but it won’t give you a great legacy.

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