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Thomas M. AKA Jessirocks | Source: Facebook Page

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Jessirocks from Twitch, has always been mistaken as an American gaming streamer by many people who follow other streamers in the gaming industry. If you look into his streaming and videos online, he speaks German and is clearly not of an American nationality. He is known for his videos on various niches like gaming, leisure, sports activities, music, and other random stuff he posts on different streaming platforms and on his social media accounts.

Many people are curious about Jessirock: his real name, dating history, net worth, Wikipedia biography, Wikipedia and age, as well as Jessirock parents and ethnicity. Find out more about Jessirocks in this article.

Who is Jessirocks?

Jessirocks early Streaming Setup | Source: Facebook Page
Jessirocks early Streaming Setup | Source: Facebook Page

Jessirocks is not an American gaming streamer. He is of German descent and he is also believed not to have an American nationality. He speaks in the German language all throughout his streams and gameplay highlights. You can check out his Twitch and YouTube channel, as well as other social media accounts for more information about Jessirocks being not American.

Jessirocks currently doesn’t have his personal Wikipedia profile because there is still too little information available on him. It could be because:

  • He is either too private about his personal information, or that he’s not yet very popular for many giant media or eSports news organizations to take notice of him.
  • He’s most likely not American so that he won’t be attracting too much attention in the internet unless he wins significant international tournaments that would make him erupt in the game news headlines.

Jessirocks appears on various streaming platforms like YouTube and Twitch. On these two platforms is also where he can be seen to stream his video in real-time averaging to 2,500 viewers per stream. Thousands of his followers stream his video because he gives off a fun personality on-stream.

Games that Jessirocks Plays

Jessirocks started streaming on the Purple Platform in 2016. Some of the games he plays include the following:

  • Diablo III
  • Path of Exile
  • Lost Ark
  • World of Warcraft
  • Diablo II: Resurrected
  • Diablo Immortals
  • PUBG

Jessirocks Net Worth – How They Made Money

Jessirocks is becoming sensational in streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube for posting any random material like gaming, leisure, sports activities, music, and other things.

His expertise as a gamer of the online trilogy Diablo is also gaining quite the amount of attention for players of this game and genre.

How Much Does Jessirocks Earn From Twitch?

Jessirocks has about 152K followers for his expertise as a gamer in Diablo. He currently has about 500 active paid subscribers in his channel and should be earning around $1,250 monthly.

Jessirocks Twitch Channel |
Jessirocks Twitch Channel |

Jessirocks Twitch Tracker Stats

Jessirocks Twitch Tracker Stats |
Jessirocks Twitch Tracker Stats |

How Much Does Jessirocks Earn From YouTube?

Jessirocks joined YouTube in 2010. Although he has only about 76.9K subscribers in his channel watching his content, he still managed to hit 52,917,807 views. His videos vary widely from anything like gaming, leisure, sports activities, music, and other random things.

Jessirocks YouTube Channel |
Jessirocks YouTube Channel |

With YouTube and Twitch earnings combined, Jessirocks should be earning around $15,000 every month or $180,000 every year.

Who Sponsors Jessirocks?

Advertised on the About page in his Twitch channel, Jessirocks appears to have Hi-Tech for Gamers as his major sponsor.

FAQs About Jessirocks

Who is Jessirock’s girlfriend?

Jessirocks appears non-public so his relationship status is also a mystery for the most part. Although, he is seen with the same girl in many of his posts in his social media accounts.

What is Jessirock’s net worth?

As of 2022, Jessirocks is most likely in the $200,000 to $400,000 bracket. Of course, one can solely guess and estimate from the little info he has for now.

Jessirocks is an American Twitch streamer, right?

No, he isn’t. He’s most likely German; judging from the language medium he is using.


Thomas M. (or Jessirocks) might have little information about him on the internet, but it doesn’t mean he’s not making it. You don’t have to hit millions in order to be called successful in your streaming career, becoming self-sufficient in your finances is also a good basis.

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