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Cloakzy Net Worth, Facts, and Stats

Real name
Dennis Lepore
Date of birth
26th December 1994 (29 years)

Net worth

$3 million

Twitch star and tournament champion, Dennis ‘Cloakzy’ Lepore has been making the headlines for his outstanding gaming skills in battle royale games. His career skyrocketed when he started playing Fortnite and continues to be one of the most prestigious pro players in the game until today. Find out about Cloakzy’s net worth, streaming career, gaming history, relationship, and more in this article.

Who is Cloakzy?

Cloakzy with a red cup

Early Life

Cloakzy’s real name is Dennis Lepore. He was born on December 26, 1994 at Austin, Texas USA. Ever since, Cloakzy really loved gaming and often plays gaming videos even at a young age. Being passionate about it, his gaming skills were honed in no time.

Becoming a Twitch Streamer

Cloakzy started streaming in February 2015 where he mostly plays CoD: Warzone. He also participated in tournaments and won about $12,500 in total. What made him a popular streamer was Fortnite Battle Royale and H1Z1. He also played alongside famous Twitch streamers like Tfue, and TimtheTatman; and has made a lot of friends in the industry, including the legendary Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins (whom he also played against in a tournament).

A Professional Gamer: Joining FaZe Clan

Cloakzy played for the professional PUBG team, KnightGG, before he joined FaZe clan in 2018. With his superb skills, Cloakzy led his PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds team to many victories.

During his time with FaZe, Cloakzy regularly participates in gaming tournaments. His ticket to becoming a Twitch star was by playing Fortnite. He’s been joining various tournaments with other FaZe members, especially with his partner Tfue, mostly in Fortnite duos.

One of his most significant winnings is the 2018 Fall Skirmish tournament with Tfue.

Cloakzy professional gamer

Cloazky also broke the world record of ‘Most Eliminations in A Game’ which he got in 2018 when he made 34 eliminations in a single Fortnite game.

Games that Cloakzy Plays

Cloakzy was initially known as a pro gamer. Today, he’s played a lot of games and streams them via Twitch platform. Here are some of the games Cloakzy mostly plays online:

  • Fortnite Battle Royale
  • H1Z1
  • Call of Duty: Warzone II
  • Apex Legends
  • Escape from Tarkov
  • PUGB
  • Halo Infinite
  • Rust
  • Word of Warcraft

Cloakzy has been streaming Fortnite for most of his streams (39.9%). Since joining the Fortnite Community, he has been attracting more followers online.

Cloakzy Net Worth – How They Made Money

Cloakzy earns from Twitch streams, ads, subscriptions, sponsorship, YouTube ads, prize money on tournaments, and other eSports earnings.

How Much Money Cloakzy Makes From Twitch?

Cloakzy earns through advertisements viewed per live stream, subscriptions, and donations (via a Stream Elements tip jar). He has about 2.8 million followers with more than 61 million total views, and more than 8,000 active/paid subscriptions on average. He should be making approximately $35,000 a month accumulated from ads, subs, and donations.

Cloakzy twitch

Cloakzy Twitch Tracker Stats

Cloakzy twitch stats

How Much Does Cloakzy Earn From YouTube?

Cloakzy mostly earns through advertisements in his YouTube channel. He has 1.26 million subscribers and about 102,254,514 views. With these figures, he should be making around $10,000 every month. The ad revenue he makes monthly on YouTube contributes to his total income as a streamer.

Cloakzy youtube

With his Twitch and YouTube earnings combined, Cloakzy should be making around $45,000 monthly, or $540,000 annually. Of course, merch sales, sponsorships, and other exclusive contracts are not included in this estimate.

Cloakzy Merch

Cloakzy merch

Streamers like Cloakzy earn extra income through merch sales. He has available merch like shirts, hoodies, caps, mugs, and other various products on a Represent store, RedBubble, and his own Cloakzy Shop online.

Who Sponsors Cloakzy?

Brand deals and sponsorships generate more income for Streamers with top-tier partnerships. Since these are undisclosed contracts, there’s no way of telling how much they would earn on a single deal. That’s why sponsorship and brand deals and other exclusive contracts are not included in the estimate here.

Cloakzy sponsor

Cloakzy has a couple of major brands to sponsor his career. They are:

  • Power GPU for his custom-build PC which he uses in his gaming and streaming setup; and
  • RaZer for the tech peripherals he uses in his gaming setup.
  • Coca-Cola promo ad (unofficial, refer to image above)

FAQs About Cloakzy

What is Cloakzy’s net worth in 2022?

Cloakzy has been a consistent contender in the gaming world. His pro skills and fun personality is what makes him stand out in his area of specialization. With his growing network in the Fortnite Community, Cloakzy’s revenues are also expected to rise over time. His estimated net worth should reach the $3 million mark (or higher) by the end of 2022.

Who is Cloakzy dating now?

Cloakzy has been dating his long-term girlfriend, who is also a Twitch streamer, Alexia Raye, ever since people in the industry could remember. They had a falling out in 2019 which made some of their friends and fellow streamers (like Valkyrae and Ninja) get saddened by the news. However, they seem to be back together and closer than ever in their collaborative streams in 2021 and onwards.

What is Cloakzy’s Warzone settings?

  • Mouse Sensitivity: 11.59
  • ADS (Low Zoom): 1.00
  • ADS (High Zoom): 1.00
  • ADS Mouse Sensitivity: Legacy
  • Mouse Acceleration: 0.00
  • Mouse Filtering: 0.00
  • Mouse Smoothing: Disabled


Cloakzy has been passionate about gaming since he was a kid; he was able to achieve his dreams and continues to stay on top of his game. It only proves that dreams do come true if you work hard for it. If you’re just as passionate with what you want to do and what you want to become, you also have to thrive before you reach the top.

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