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Sound and Music for ASMR Streams

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As one of the most important aspects of ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response), finding the right sounds is crucial for the success of your stream. And while you will likely be personally making several of the sounds yourself, having background noise or sleep music can be a great way to increase the sensations for your viewers.

If ASMR works on you and your viewers, you know that finding the right sounds can help you relax and feel good after a long day. Sleep sounds can help ease stress, fight insomnia, and even provide hope for those who watch your channel.

This post will cover where you can find royalty-free sound and music for your ASMR videos and streams and a few things you may consider when picking them for yourself.

Where to Find Music For Your ASMR Stream

Regardless of the purposes of your stream, you will need to use royalty-free sounds and music. That means that you need to make sure the sounds you use are originally created by you or won’t get you in trouble with Twitch or copyright law.

ASMR and Sleep

Epidemic Sound offers over 35,000 tracks and 90,000 sounds that you can use on Twitch for a very low monthly fee. They are so confident that you will appreciate their service that they even allow you to use it for a free 30-day trial.

The platform organizes their tracks and sounds easy so that you can easily look through genres, moods, and more to find exactly what you are looking for. You can even search for the term “ASMR.”

ASMR Music Tracks on Epidemic Sound

You can search for ASMR playlists, ambient tracks, and music created for mental health or sleep. Regardless of what you want your audience to be feeling, you should be able to curate the right ASMR sounds.

ASMR track

In particular, the track “Autonomous Electronic Rainfall,” by Fizzonaut, gave me tingles as I conducted research for this article. Other tracks that I enjoy include “Tundra Nights,” by Zero Oto, “Tranquil Noise” by Syntropy, and “Formless Sleep” by Lotus.

ASMR tracks

Some tracks are created specifically with ASMR in mind.

ASMR Sounds on Epidemic Sound

You can also search for sounds on the platform. Feel free to listen to several to find the ones that will benefit your performance. You can play collections of sounds or search for them individually.

more asmr tracks

Create a go-to list for specific sounds that interest you. Include tapping, nature, brushing, scalp massage, writing, magazine flipping, running water, and other popular noises that people enjoy when they join an ASMR community.

You can even explore some out-of-the-box ideas (an example would be the sound a sewing machine makes or printer movement).

How to Incorporate ASMR Sound and Music On Your Stream

To allow your audience to enjoy the tingling phenomenon through your video format easily, consider some of the following options:

  1. Background Noise

    While you should primarily make your sounds (it is part of the content), you can have a track play softly in the background to provide a measured amount of sensation throughout your stream.

  2. BRB Screen

    Use an ASMR song or track as part of your BRB screen if you have to leave your stream momentarily. This will allow your viewers to continually experience the purpose of ASMR even when you aren’t around.

  3. Mute

    Have a few sounds or a track ready for when you need to mute your stream quickly (like when a siren goes by).

  4. Twitch Channel Points

    You can set up perks for your viewers’ channel points that correlate to sound effects they can play during your stream. This will allow them to interact with it on a new level and help create content.

  5. Alerts

    Assign a different ASMR sound to each type of alert. Again, this way, you can still celebrate your viewers while offering more benefits to your viewers.


It isn’t always easy to find the right sounds to give people the tingly effect they have grown to love from ASMR videos, but with a little help, you can create great content that will keep your viewers coming back for more stream after stream.

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