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SourPLS Meaning

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SourPLS Emote

SourPLS Meaning

The SourPLS BTTV emote is used on Twitch to represent dancing or celebration. It is usually posted when someone is excited or happy about an event. It is also used as a hype emote. The happiness and joy presented in the emote are contagious.

Released: circa 2014

SourPLS Emote Origin

SourPLS only works if you have the BTTV plugin. If you want to be able to view it, you must manually select the option to view GIFs. The emote rises and falls in popularity frequently. It has had some technical problems in the past due to it being animated.  

The GIF is from a video of Twitch Employee, SourNotHardcore, that was posted to YouTube on April 17, 2007. It depicts a man dancing to the music in a Toys R Us Store.  

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