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FeelsStrongMan Emote Meaning

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Some of the most popular emotes spammed on your favorite Twitch channel are ones based on the PePe the frog meme.

There are so many that sometimes it can be hard to keep track of all the different variations. But don’t worry, below we will cover everything you need to know about the popular emote feelsstrongman, from where it comes from to how to use it correctly in the chat of your favorite streamer.

feelsstrongman emote
Feelsstrongman Emote

FeelsStrongMan Twitch Emote Meaning

Unlike other emotes with similar names, feelsstrongman has a bit more nuance to it. The feelssadman, feelsgoodman, and feelsbadman emotes are pretty straightforward, meaning something is sad, good, or bad about the situation on stream.

Feelsstrongman, even though Pepe the frog has tears running down his face, is not connected with sadness. In fact, it is quite the opposite. The feelsstrongman emote is used to express pride in the streamer.

Yes, the water running down Pepe’s face are supposed to express tears, but rather than sadness or pain, are meant to show a level of happiness that has brought a person to tears. Like a father being exceptionally proud of his son.

The use of ‘strong’ in the emote’s name is to refer to the users ‘staying strong’ for the streamer despite their overwhelming sense of pride and joy.

FeelsStrongMan Emote Origin

All the Pepe the frog emotes are based on the cartoon character created by Matt Furie. Since the creation of Pepe in 2005, the expressive frog man has been made into countless memes, emotes, and comics.

The base template for all Pepe the frog emotes stem from the monkaS emote originally uploaded to Twitch in late 2015 by user Lukas Wergutz.

monkaS emote

Wergutz later added feelsstrongman emote to Better Twitch TV (BTTV) in 2017, adding to the growing number of different Pepe the frog emotes out there.

Below are a few examples of other Pepe the frog based emotes you may see on Twitch.

Pepe the frog emotes

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Use The FeelsStrongMan Emote On Twitch

In order for users to use Twitch emotes on your stream you must be an affiliate or partner on your Twitch account channel. You then can upload emotes for your subscribers to use in chat on your channel.

Click the emote icon next to the chat box and choose an emote from the selection.

Screenshot of the Twitch emote selection window

If you are not an affiliate or partner, or you are a user that is not subscribed, and want to use emotes, there are ways to do so.

One of the most popular ways is to use BTTV. This Chrome extension allows a Twitch user to use emotes in their chat comments that are viewable by other users using the extension.

Check out the BTTV website at and install the chrome browser extension.

How To Use The FeelsStrongMan Emote On Youtube?

While watching a YouTube video, you can use emotes by clicking on the emoji icon under the chat box when typing a comment. Select the emote you are looking for and it will be included when you post.

YouTube emote selection window

The channel owner will have to have uploaded any specific emote you are looking for it to be available. Otherwise, you will only have the base emotes that YouTube offers.

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