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CmonBruh Meaning

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Cmonbruh Global Twitch Emote

CmonBruh Meaning

The CmonBruh emote is used as a look of confusion or as a response to racist comments. It is often used when someone in Twitch chat says something controversial or confusing.

Note: As with the TriHard emote, CmonBruh can be seen as racist if you don’t use it correctly. 

Released:  Unknown, first gained popularity in 2016

CmonBruh Emote Origin

It is widely believed that CmonBruh is a member of Twitch staff. It was first really noticed when a Twitter user posted that it was a racist emote. 

The emote is most often used when someone does something confusing or if another user (or the streamer) is being racist. It could be a reaction to either the streamer or the chat being racist.

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