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How to Make A Private Webpage for Twitch Subs

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Quality incentives can attract more subscribers to your stream. In addition to the Twitch rewards, many streamers add incentives such as Discord channels or the chance to play with the streamer. If you want to build something unique with special content on a website, StreamWeasels has just developed a plugin for you.

What Does the StreamWeasels Private Pages Plugin Do?

The StreamWeasels Private Pages plugin allows you to create locked pages on your website that only your Twitch subs can access. You can build these pages as you would any other page, but leave the content exclusive to those who support your stream. This plugin is the only one of its kind currently on the market.

Who Should Use Twitch Private Pages

If you have an idea for exclusive content, you should use the private pages plugins. Here are a few ideas of what you can post on the page:

  • Content outside of Twitch ToS
  • Guides on how to stream or game better
  • Special video content relating to your stream 
  • Polls for future content
  • Special giveaways or game codes
  • Discounted merch store

Can You Have Private Pages Based on A Sub Tier?

You can have different pages set up for different sub tiers. With the StreamWeasel’s plugin, you’ll be able to create multiple private pages and hide them behind the Twitch Tier of your choice, allowing you to give your Tier 3 subs extra perks for their loyal support.

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How to Increase Your Revenue on Twitch

Using incentives like private pages is a good way to increase your Twitch revenue. Membership programs are great consistent money. If you continually change the content on your website, people are likely to stay subscribed for your content if they are getting something new all the time. 

Having people sub on Twitch for your website content is a great alternative to Patreon. Additionally, the more Twitch subs you have, the more inbuild Twitch incentives you will get (more emotes), which makes your channel even more attractive to future viewers. 

Should You Make Your Own Twitch Website?

Building a Twitch website separate from your channel and your socials will help solidify you as a brand. You will have more freedom on what you do in the future and people will know where to find updates. Building your own website is easy with one of StreamWeasels’ WordPress themes with built-in features that sync aspects of your Twitch, Mixer, or YouTube channels. 

Who are Twitch Private Pages for? 

If your audience is active and enthusiastic about your content, they may be interested in exclusive content. If you get PMs or large tips, you may have a viewers who are willing to pay for exclusive content. If you already have several subs, creating private pages for them is a great way to thank them. 

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