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Hailed as the Queen of Twitch, Pokimane is known to be the most popular female streamer on the platform. While her career hasn't been free of drama, no one can deny that she has been able to build a career through content creation and good marketing.

This post will go over the timeline of the highs and lows of her career as well as provide general info about this popular personality.

Real NameImane Anys
Twitch ChannelPokimane
YouTube ChannelsPokimane, Pokimane Too, Poki ASMR

24 years old


5’ 4”

Net WorthApproximately $3 million

Timeline of Pokimane’s Early Life

14 May 1996 – Imane Anys was born in Morocco. Her family immigrated to Canada when she was young.

2005 – Finished her private school education, then attended the University of McMaster in Ontario Canada, majoring in Chemical Engineering. 

Timeline of Pokimane’s Career

2017 – Pokimane began her twitch career, growing more than 450,000 followers in the year. She became one of the first four members of Offline TV. 

15 April 2018 – The Shorty Awards awards Pokimane with “Twitch Streamer of the Year” for 2017 due to her growth and League of Legends gameplay and commentary. 

20 May 2018 – League of Legends releases a trailer where Pokimane plays a cameo.

July 2018 – Pokimane was selected as one of the ambassadors for their TwitchCon event. She was one of 15 people. She was also a partner at Twitch Creator Camp, a training series to help other streamers. 

1 November 2018 – In response to KEEMSTAR making fun of one of Sssniperwolf’s fans, Pokimane called him out on Twitter. This led to Keem targeting Pokimane with several videos essentially saying she was making mountains out of molehills. Pokimane didn’t back down, which led to Keem going through her Twitter and finding anything that Poki ever said that could be perceived in a negative light. Pokimane defended herself the next day.

11 January 2019 – PewDiePie released a video about content creators who he believed were copyright striking other content unfairly and mentioned Pokimane as one of the offenders. Poki responded in that the video that she copyright striked was one made by Bowblax which covered the drama between her and KEEMSTAR in November. Pokimane created a video response the next day defending herself. As a result of the interaction, Poki’s channel grew substantially. 

15-23 January 2019 – Pokimane was part of the EZ Clap team at a Twitch Rivals League of Legends tournament. The team won the tournament in the final match against Team One Tricks. 
16 March 2019 – Pokimane announces her makeup collaboration with Winky Lux on Twitter.

October 2019 – Announcement that Pokimane will be in the film Free Guy which was released in December 2020.

4 November 2019 – Sam from AlphaGaming released a video of him giving her channel graphics a makeover. Pokimane complimented the work in the video’s comment section.

18 Jan 2020 – Pokimane Tweets an announcement about the release of her Fortnite emote.

13 Feb 2020 – Pokimane announces the UCI Pokimane scholarship partnership which will sponsor 4 STEM advantage students per year.

5 Mar 2020 – Pokimane tweeted an “announcement” that she would remain on Twitch in the wake of several other announcements of other popular streamers moving to other platforms. 

9 May 2020 – HealthyGamerGG posted a YouTube video of a live-stream where Dr K interviewed Pokimane in a therapy-style session. Poki talked about many of her experiences as a streamer and how that broadcasting has impacted her life. 

13 May 2020 – It’sAGundam posted a video where he made several jokes about a viewer who had his picture taken with Pokimane. Angered by the video, Pokimane made comments about the video’s sponsor which resulted in a backlash. Many viewers pointed out that she shouldn’t be attacking another content creator’s income. 

June 2020 – Pokimane became a partner and the creative director of Markiplier and Jacksepticeye’s fashion brand, Cloak. She also moved out of the Offline TV house this month. Initially, she stated that was due to her struggle maintaining a work/life balance, but it was later revealed that Fedmyster’s actions in the Offline TV house contributed to her leaving. 

22 July 2020 – Graham Stephan interviewed Pokimane about how she manages her content empire and brand, including delegating to her team and her personal finance strategies. 

5 August 2020 – Pokimane announced that she would be going on a content creation break due to her having difficulties finding the same joy and motivation since the beginning of quarantine. 

18 August 2020 – Pokimane released an apology video that covered all the drama that had occurred over the previous two years. She talked about KEEMSTAR, It’sAGundam, past Tweets, self-esteem, and her personal life. She stated that the apology video was overdue and that she should have addressed each thing head-on.

Pokimane’s Brand Deals

Pokimane has worked with several brands over the years and has made deals with the following:

  • HyperX sponsorship 
  • Streamlabs partnership
  • Winky Lux partnership

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Pokimane Asian? 

While Pokimane has always been upfront about her heritage, many of her fans would often ask if she was Asian. She finally took a DNA test, which came out resounding North African, which makes perfect sense as she is from Morocco.

What Languages Does Pokimane Speak?

Pokimane speaks both English and French, due to her upbringing in Canada. 

Is Pokimane Single?

Pokimane has stated several times throughout her career that when she is in a relationship, her intention is to keep it private and away from her stream. She wishes to keep her personal life separate so that she can enjoy the relationship without public scrutiny. 

Why is Pokimane So Popular?

Pokimane has worked hard to build her brand over several years. She understands her target audience and creates content for them. She has participated in League of Legends tournaments and won one in January 2019. She focuses on creating content with a broad appeal. As her channel grew when Twitch was less saturated, she has lots of loyal fans who continue to watch her. 

About the Author


Luci is a novelist, freelance writer, and active blogger. A journalist at heart, she loves nothing more than interviewing the outliers of the gaming community who are blazing a trail with entertaining original content. When she’s not penning an article, coffee in hand, she can be found gearing her shieldmaiden or playing with her son at the beach.

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