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How to Quickly Reach 100 Mixer Followers

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Starting out on Twitch or Mixer can be tough. Currently, the platform doesn’t have a way to showcase new streamers and you can very quickly get lost in the crowd of competition. Unless you already have a following, channel growth will be difficult, especially if you are struggling with how to brand.

This post will give you ideas for three different ways that you can start networking and get valuable feedback on your stream that you can utilize to push yourself forward even more. While they can be done individually, doing all three could generate even more growth for you, especially if you don’t stop when you reach 100 followers. 

Network Through Facebook Groups

There are many Facebook groups online that support streamers. In fact, there are “crossover” groups where you can find streamers from multiple platforms. While these groups can be beneficial, you must have a solid strategy to get anything out of them. 

Step 1: Join a few Facebook groups and spend a couple of weeks reading through and interacting with posts. Try to give helpful advice, valuable feedback, and appreciate your fellow streamers. Genuinely enjoy yourself as a viewer, don’t be too hasty to add your own content. 

Step 2: Begin to ask thought-provoking questions or for advice on things you are trying to set up in your stream. Other streamers are happy to help and enjoy being a part of good conversations. 

Step 3: Identify streamers who stream similar content to your own and begin to support them. Show up to their streams and be active in their chats. Avoid self-promotion unless you are asked. 

Step 4: Comment on popular posts and continually interact. As people begin to recognize you, they will naturally feel more connected to you. That way, when you do start posting links for your stream, they will be more likely to check it out and give you feedback. 

Step 5: Don’t post a generic “I’m going live” post. Try to make people laugh or let them know what you are going to do on stream (keep it exciting and interesting). The more you stand out from other posts, the more likely people will be to check you out and potentially follow. 

Variety Streamer

Stream Variety Content For Different Viewers

Even if the majority of your content is the same, pick one day per week to think outside of the box as far as your content goes. Do you enjoy woodworking? Set up a webcam in your workshop to show your viewers how you work. 

While this will be a different style of content than your typical video-games, it will also give you an avenue to find a different market and bring them to Twitch. 

Join Facebook Groups and Reddit Pages Related to that Content

Keeping with the example of woodworking, look for page related to woodworking on Facebook and Reddit. Join those communities and give valuable feedback. Talk to the moderators (or read the rules) about posting a link related to the content. Let them know that you frequently stream about the topic. If they agree, post your stream link with the information. Make it enticing. 

Finding viewers on these pages may be a little easier than on other “Twitch related” sites due to you becoming a novelty and not just another posting. 

Some subreddits allow you to “add flair” next to your name. Add your Twitch or Mixer link to it to potentially gain followers. Even if the subreddit won’t allow you to post links in the chat, others who are reading any valuable insight you post may take notice and click through to your channel. If you already frequent these subreddits anyway, this is an easy step that takes little time. 

To add flair, visit the subreddit’s home page. If they have the option, you will find it under the community options (under the big “Create Post” button). All you need to do is edit it with your Twitch or Mixer link. 

Join Other Streamer’s Discord Groups

Join other streamer’s Discord groups and become a part of their community. Don’t just go in and spam your link, but get to know other viewers or post fun memes. As people get to know you, they will be more interested in what you do and will likely be interested in your channel. 

Only post your link with the streamer who owns the Discord’s permission. Only join communities that you enjoy and that you would want to support regardless if people followed you from it or not. People do not respond well to streamers who think they are “owed” special favors. 

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Remember: A Twitch Follower is Only as Good as their Viewership

Remember that your Twitch follower counts are one of the weaker metrics on your channel. Anyone can follow anyone else, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that your content is good or that they will return to your channel to watch your content. 

Potential future sponsors are unlikely to ask about your follower-count. Most of the time, they are more concerned about your actual following – those who continually visit your stream and support you and your brand overall. Sponsors generally will ask about your content and who reacts to it (and how they react to it). Having a million Twitch followers but only a concurrent viewership of 10 won’t impress them. 

Don’t Bother with F4F (Follow for Follow) Schemes

Don’t participate in follow-for-follow schemes. In general, these are a big waste of time. 99.9% of those people are only following your content to get a follow in return with the hopes that you will visit their channel. They have no intention of actually watching your channel or supporting you in any way. 

Instead, use the time you would be using with F4F to build your channel and your future community. In time, you will find streamers who genuinely enjoy your content and you can work together through collaborations. Don’t waste your time with fake followers. 

About the Author


Chris is a marketing major with a strong background in small business and influencer branding. He applies his knowledge of content and promotional strategies to design actionable advice for new and intermediate streamers. When he’s not busy crunching analytics, he can be found in the salt pits of League of Legends.

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