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How to Promote Your Charity Stream

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If you have decided to dedicate a day (or a weekend) for a charity, you want to make sure that you have a successful stream. Promoting your stream in advance will help bring people in to learn about (and potentially donate to) the cause.

This post will detail a few ways you can promote your charity stream to maximize your time and efforts. 

Do a Charity Stream for the Right Reasons

If you are only looking to find new followers or viewers, you are doing the stream for the wrong reason and people will be able to see through that. Find a charity whose mission resonates with you. People will see the passion you have for the cause and be more likely to support it. 

If you don’t feel passionate about any specific cause, hold off on until you find one. When you are excited about something it will show. You will naturally want to learn more about the charity and will be able to describe it more accurately to your followers.

Reach out to the charity to see if they can answer any additional questions you have or if they have PR material you can use to showcase their cause. 

Use Tiltify or Find a Charity Your Followers Can Directly Donate To

Many viewers are wary of donating to a streamer in the hopes that the streamer will follow through with donating to the cause. You can eliminate those fears by finding a “team-based” charity where you can still track donations or using Tiltify.

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Tiltify is a platform for fundraisers with built-in incentives and milestones for your viewers. Using Tiltify not only shows that you are legitimately fundraising for a charity, but it gamifies the experience for those who wish to donate. 

You can also add your charity to Charity Livestream. Many broadcasters choose this platform when streaming for non-profit organizations. 

Post About the Charity in Your Social Media

Start posting about both the charity and your upcoming stream in your social media. Let people know what the charity is about and why it matters to you. Ask people to share the post to raise awareness. 

Letting people know about your charity in advance allows them to look into the charity for themselves and see if it is a cause to which they want to donate. It also gives them a chance to talk to their friends and family about your stream and potentially get them hyped as well. 

On the same note, don’t hesitate to tell your friends and family. Even if they aren’t interested in gaming or streaming, they may be interested in the charity and may come to support it. 

If you are in Facebook groups related to the charity, ask a mod if you can post an announcement for the stram. Explain to them why you are passionate about the cause and how you plan to get the money to the charity (through Tiltify or otherwise). 

Have a Discord channel in your server dedicated to hype about the charity event. Have your mods and followers explain why the charity is important to them to get each other excited.

Promote the Charity on Your Stream Ahead of Time

Talk about the charity on your stream frequently before the event. The more you share about it, the more people will ask you questions and become interested in the charity. This will encourage them to show up for the big day. 

Add a countdown to the stream 1-2 weeks in advance. You can add one on your screen while your broadcast and in your profile. Countdowns are a very fun way to create hype without having to do a lot of extra work. 

When you put the countdown in your profile, write a little about the charity and what it means to you. Explain why you want to do the even and when it will be held. Explain any special content ahead of time. 

help things grow charity stream

Do a Marathon Stream

Decide to stream for 12 or more hours as a marathon stream. Offer incentives and giveaways for different monetary amounts that you can raise. If you can find a way to incorporate these giveaways to the charity, people may be more likely to donate. 

Marathon streams also naturally create a lot of hype which is good for both you and the charity. Make sure to plan enough content in advance to keep things interesting. 

Use a Chatbot to Keep Track of Funds

Have your mods help you keep track of the total amount raised or find a way to automatically integrate it on to your stream. Update the number frequently so that people can see the total amount donated and be inspired to join the cause as well. 

Join a Walk-a-Thon, Bike-a-Thon, or Other Physical Charity Challenge

While you will want to do your charity stream before the actual event, letting your followers know that you plan to do something with your community shows that you are serious about the charity. Post pictures of the event on your social media accounts and give updates as you perform the challenge. 

Adopt a Child or a Pet

There are many organizations that allow you to “adopt a child” or “adopt a pet” by paying a monthly amount that helps to either support the child or their community. Doing this for your channel would be a way where you can collaborate to better the world on a monthly basis. You can have a Discord channel dedicated to the child and support of them. 

While this would be separate from a charity stream, you could host a stream to raise awareness for that organization at any time.

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Chris is a marketing major with a strong background in small business and influencer branding. He applies his knowledge of content and promotional strategies to design actionable advice for new and intermediate streamers. When he’s not busy crunching analytics, he can be found in the salt pits of League of Legends.

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