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The GoXLR took the streaming community by storm, on its launch, in 2018. Since then, it has received many software updates, a Mini version was released, and many top streamers have opted for TC Helicons solution for their streaming needs. Although it boasts high quality preamps, easy control of audio equipment and a streamer friendly design, it ultimately comes at a high price. For many new streamers, they want something similar, and preferably at a more entry level price, let’s take a look at some alternatives.

Best Alternatives to the GoXLR

AVerMedia Live Streamer NEXUS

AVerMedia Live Streamer NEXUS


  • Excellent feature set
  • Stylish and presentable
  • Brings future functionality due to its capacitive screen
  • Easy to navigate software

One of the main competitors to the GoXLR is the Nexus Audio Mixer from Avermedia. It features six dials (3 physical and 3 virtual) to have complete control over the audio on your stream, a large 5″ capacitive touchscreen and various connections for peripherals. The Nexius Audio Mixer allows streamers to use different widgets on the capacitive touch screen, to really dial in important settings. The touchscreen is easily the most exciting feature, as you’ll be able to make custom buttons, macros and more.

On the right hand side it has 4 buttons, which can be mapped to custom shortcuts, such as playing audio files, opening websites or send a preset message in chat! Unlike the GoXLR it also has a magnetic stand, that is adjustable, allowing the user to get it in the most comfortable position for their setup.

The Live Streamer Nexus Mixer is extremely easy to use. You’ll be placing different widgets and buttons on a page, and you can simply swipe to different pages. For example, you could have a stream control page, which has buttons such as Mic Mute, Deafen, or Go Live, and then you could have a page for Twitch chat, which shows your chat right on the screen! There is a lot of functionality built into this handy mixer, and it comes at a cheaper price than the GoXLR. The AVerMedia Live Streamer NEXUS can be found on amazon for $349.

Creative Sound Blaster K3+

Creative Sound Blaster K3+


  • Fantastic sound hardware
  • Low signal-to-noise ratio
  • Simple user interface
  • Doesn’t have extra functionality such as Macros or buttons
  • Can’t custom load sound effects, limiting you to the onboard provided options

A great alternative to the GoXLR is the Creative Sound Blaster K3+. It’s significantly cheaper at $129, and still retains some of the most core pieces of functionality that make the GoXLR so appealing.

The Creative Sound Blaster K3+, has two XLR inputs for any microphone, and can supply 48v of phantom power. Any off the shelf microphone that a streamer is likely to use, such as Audiotechnica, Blue or others will work straight out of the box. The K3+ also has a built in soundboard system, with ten different sounds that be cycled through with the dial at the top, allowing streamers to have unique and engaging sound effects during their livestreams.

The preamp quality on the Creative Sound Blaster K3+ is excellent, having a very low signal-to-noise ratio ensures that your microphone quality comes through crisp and clean. Although this is a cut down version of a GoXLR, it comes in at a much for affordable price, and still finds a way to integrate the most essential features for streamers.

VB-Audio VoiceMeeter

VB-Audio VoiceMeeter


  • Great functionality for inputs and outputs
  • Built in voice processing
  • Free
  • Not intuitive to use
  • Requires extra time investment to learn the software

A free alternative to the GoXLR is VB-Audio Voicemeeter. This software is a virtual audio studio mixer, that can create virtual cables for different inputs. For example, you can “plug” your microphone into voicemeeter, add some voice processing effects such as compression or EQ, and send it back to OBS for your stream. Essentially, Voicemeeter handles what the GoXLR offers in voice processing, and that’s all, so if it’s what you’re looking for specifically, it’s a perfect alternative.

Voicemeeter can be quite tricky to navigate for first time users. There are plenty of guides on YouTube to help with any query, as many users have decided that Voicemeeter offers enough functionality, and therefore you’ll find a large community that can answer any questions

Roland VT-4 Vocal Transformer

Roland VT-4 Vocal Transformer


  • Amazing options for voice processing
  • Stealthed design
  • Lacks some features that appeal to streamers
  • Niche use case

The Roland VT-4 is a great all-round mixer, with excellent voice processing features. If you’re a streamer looking to get some extra functionality, with fun elements, as well as well designed audio controls, then the Roland VT-4 Vocal Transformer is a fantastic option.

The four faders situated around the Roland VT-4 Vocal Transformer allow you to control your Reverb, Echo, Pitch and more, to completely modify your voice for different contexts. This is a great way to keep your stream engaged, to emphasize emotion, and keep viewers returning for a unique experience!

Although this is quite a niche mixer, some streamers will be able to get the most out of it. The Roland VT-4 Vocal Transformer can be found for roughly $239.


The GoXLR has solidified itself as one of the most sought after mixers in the streaming space. It brings excellent functionality, and its packaged in a way that’s appealing to be displayed on camera. Although the Mixers on this list might not provide exactly the same features and experience as a GoXLR, you might leave surprised with how much they offer for their price. All of these mixers will provide enough functionality for any starting streamer, and some go even beyond for experienced users.

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