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How to Download Twitch Videos

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As a streamer, using clips can be a great way to promote your channel on social media. Make sure that the clip is entertaining and in line with your content and brand. Great clips may include an especially good section of gameplay, a blooper, a unique event, or something funny. Craft your promotional pitch around the clip and draw people into your community in that way.

Free Twitch Video Downloader 

The easiest way to download a video from Twitch is to use the Twitch VOD downloader Clipr. Simply copy the clip link (see above for details on how) and paste it into the provided space for it.

clips download link

Once you have inserted the link, press the “Get Download Link” button. The page will refresh and show you a “Click to Download” button. After clicking it, the clip will download to your computer (most likely to your Downloads file). 

You can also use Clip Ninja to download your clips. It works in a very similar method to Clipr.

How to Back-Up Your VODs

Even if you don’t think you’ll ever use footage from them, you never know what you will need in the future. You may also have to dispute a copyright issue. 

An easy way of doing this is by multistreaming to a private YouTube channel. Don’t make the videos public (especially if you are an affiliate or partner of your streaming platform as there is generally a time-frame in which content can’t be shared on other platforms). The private videos will be stored forever until you delete them or make them public. You can use for this purpose.  

Alternatively, you can save them to a hard-drive – or several as it may end up being. 

Your Viewers Can Also Download Twitch VODs

It is important to remember that viewers can take clips of any portion of your content. It is therefore important to remember to always follow the terms of service and to watch what you say. For more information on what you shouldn’t say on Twitch, read What You Can’t Say on Twitch (or Mixer)

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