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Best YouTube Gaming Thumbnail Templates

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One of the most important aspects of creating content for YouTube is choosing your thumbnail. It needs to stand out and capture the attention of your audience to earn their click over your competition. Think of your thumbnail as an ad for your video. Make it relevant, aesthetically pleasing, and keep it on brand. 

However, looking for the best YouTube thumbnail template that is perfect for your brand, personality, and the game genre you play can be tricky. After all, there are literally thousands of gaming YouTube thumbnail templates out there, and it could take you hours just to browse some.

To help you select the ideal YouTube thumbnail template for your channel, we curated this list of the best places to get them. No need to scour every website or platform to search for inspiration. Just choose one or two below that you think will suit your channel. Let’s go!

Our Ranking Process

Here are the things we considered when ranking YouTube Banner Designers:

  • gears


    When creating a YouTube thumbnail from a template, it is good to have several options to customize your design. 

  • happy

    Easy Setup

    While a thumbnail is important, you don’t want to have to devote hours and hours to creating a new banner every time you upload a new video.

  • wallet


    Many new YouTubers don’t have a lot of extra income. Affordability is key. Some of these have free limited versions, allowing you to get started with YouTube without having to worry about how much you will need to spend.

Best YouTube Thumbnail Providers

The following are our picks for the best YouTube banner providers:


    image 27 is your ultimate source for high-quality, professionally made graphics. While’s assets are paid, their YouTube thumbnail templates are certainly eye-catching.

    If building your YouTube channel is your main goal, it wouldn’t hurt to invest in your graphics. After all, it will be one of the main factors that drive your audience to your videos.

  2. Placeit by Envato

    Placeit examples

    Placeit has dozens of YouTube templates designed for gamers. You can choose the template you wish, then change the background, colors, logos, text, and anything else about it. You can even move elements around on the screen for further customization. 

    It is so easy that you can quickly create several thumbnails that will appeal to your potential audience. With an affordable monthly plan, you can download unlimited thumbnails for your channel. 

    Other Placeit YouTube Templates

    Here are other YouTube templates that Placeit has to offer. They also offer templates for social media accounts, Twitch channels, and more.

    • YouTube Templates
    • YouTube Profile Pictures
    • YouTube Logo
    • YouTube Videos
    • Gaming Intros
    • YouTube Banners
    • YouTube End Cards
  3. Snappa

    snappa examples

    With Snappa, you can start creating YouTube thumbnails for free using any of their 6,000 templates. They have over 5 million graphics and photos that you can use, and you can have 3 downloads per month. You can also upload any of your own branding and graphics to keep things on brand. 

    The company also has an affordable monthly program that allows you to have unlimited downloads each month. This way, you can be sure to upload at least one video each week, making it more likely that YouTube will promote your videos over time. The subscription also allows you to upload custom fonts, remove image backgrounds, and more. 

    Other Snappa Templates

    With Snappa, you can also create other graphics for your YouTube channel and your socials, allowing you to use one program for all your design needs. They also have templates for Twitch, SoundCloud, and many other graphics. 

  4. Fiverr

    Fiverr examples

    Designers on Fiverr can create almost anything. Fiverr is an online freelance marketplace where you can find someone to do almost anything you can think of to commission. Find someone who can make you 2-3 editable templates that you can make minor changes from video to video. 

    A uniquely designed thumbnail allows you to ask for special elements that may not be found on other templates. With these designs, you’ll be able to keep everything on-brand while offering your viewers professional quality. 

  5. Canva

    Canva examples

    Canva has thousands of thumbnail templates that you can use to create designs for your YouTube videos. You may be able to find several that work well for your content and the overall feel of your channel. The user interface is very easy to learn and has many customization options. 

    You can create a free account in minutes and start creating thumbnails. There are many YouTube tutorials that can help you learn the process and create images that people will appeal to your audience.

  6. Freepik


    Freepik is a freemium image bank website with thousands of assets, from photos to templates to editable PSDs. Searching for YouTube gaming thumbnails on Freepik will give you both free and premium results. Both the paid and free ones have stunning, professionally-made designs, which is why Freepik is perfect for beginners with little to no budget yet for upgrading their channel’s aesthetics.

    For free users, the only thing Freepik will ask you to do in exchange for a free awesome thumbnail is a credit on your video or channel. But, if you choose to subscribe to their reasonable monthly or yearly plan, you can say goodbye to attribution and use any of their assets for all sorts of projects.

  7. PosterMyWall

    postermy wall examples

    PosterMyWall has over 510 gaming YouTube thumbnail templates you can use. You can easily customize those templates, even with a free plan. If you want a high-res download, you can pay for those for as little as $2. They also have their own online editor, so there’s no need to customize your template outside the platform.

    PosterMyWall has Premium and Premium Plus tiers, which give you more perks, such as unlimited high-res downloads. You can even use it to manage your social media accounts if you subscribe to their paid tiers.


YouTube thumbnails are an important part of your YouTube branding. Try to upload at least one video per week to get on the YouTube algorithm potentially. With a variety of templates to choose from, you won’t run out of thumbnails to use for your videos.

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