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Ready? Apply below and fill out our questionnaire. We will contact successful candidates on a rolling basis as spots open. Watch out for an email from us!

If we choose to move forward with your application, we will email you (or contact you on Discord) with a list of article topics. After you pick one, we will send you a brief for your to write. As long as it is well-written enough that we can use it on our site, you will be paid for it, even if we choose to not work with you going forward.

If your work is a good fit for the site, we will work with you on a trial basis for three months so that we can ensure that you will be a good fit for our team. Please check out the FAQ below for additional information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Writing For the Site Get Me on the Sidebar?

While being featured on the sidebar is a potential possibility, it is reserved for partnered streamers and those on the cusp of receiving partnerships who have already built a thriving community. If your channel is growing rapidly and we think you’re a good fit for sidebar promotion, we will let you know.

Will Content Be Published Under My Name?

Most of the time, the content will be published under your name. There may be times we ask you to ghostwrite for someone else. Additionally, if you stop writing for the company before you write 15 articles, we may republish the ones you wrote under different names to keep the number of authors on our site to a minimum (Google likes this).

When Will I Be Added to the “About Us” Page?

We typically add writers who have written 10 or more articles to the “About Us” page at the end of each month. If you stop writing for us in the future, you will be removed from the page.

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