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Follow for Follow on Twitch & YouTube – Should You?

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When visiting forums or social media groups designed for streamers, you will encounter requests for follow-for-follow. The premise is that if you follow them, they will follow you, boosting both of your numbers. While this can be very tempting (especially for new streamers), it is a waste of your valuable time.

Why Streamers Shouldn’t Follow-for-Follow (F4F)?

Follow-for-follow is typically against the terms of service of streaming platforms. It is seen as a “cheating method” and may hurt your chances of networking with broadcasters who could genuinely help you and your content. Follow-for-follow will make your numbers looked warped. Sponsors care about content and viewers, not follower counts. Spend your time networking and strengthening the quality of your stream. 

In this post, we will cover some of the pitfalls of participating in follow-for-follow schemes and how it can ultimately hurt your streaming reputation. We will also discuss some alternatives that can strengthen your channel.

Follow for Follow Facebook Groups

I’ve been in both of these groups. They are very spammy, and most of the other streamers aren’t willing to give valuable insight into making your channel more valuable. While we don’t recommend F4F groups and advise that you ignore them, here are a couple of Facebook groups you can join:

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Follow for Follow on Twitch

There are several reasons why you shouldn’t follow for follow on Twitch. These include the following:

  1. 1. Follow-for-Follow Makes Your Numbers Look Warped

    People notice if you have 2,000 followers but only three followers. They wonder why people follow you but never return to your stream. It cheapens your channel and makes the second-guess if they want to stay. 

    Some individuals are happy to watch new streamers, but with so many small channels to choose from, they are going to spend their time looking for something fresh and exciting. Don’t give them any reason to doubt your content. 

  2. 2. Follow-for-Follows are Generally Not Supportive

    People who participate in follow-for-follow programs will generally not support you or your stream. They are doing it to boost their numbers with your support. They are that you will watch their stream and support them, but since they are participating in F3F schemes, they don’t have time to anyone. You might go into it, wanting to help them. In reality, you will only stay to support them if their content entertains you. 

    Network with other streamers instead. Join your platform’s subreddit or Facebook groups. Connect with steamers whose content you enjoy and support them. Ask questions about how you can develop your skills. These relationships can be helpful. You will get feedback on your content, find support, and get the opportunity to collaborate with other streamers

  3. 3. People Cheat by “Unfollowing” You After You Have Followed Them

    Unfortunately, not everyone is honest, and some people will want to take advantage of you. They want to make it appear that their follows are organic. To keep their “follower” count high and their “people they follow” count low, they will wait a day or two, then unfollow you.

    Again, would you rather have these people in your corner or find those who are willing to help you grow? 

  4. 4. F4F is Looked Down Upon By Other Streamers

    If you go into a group and ask to participate or create a F4F scheme, you and your channel will lose credibility with other streamers. They will see you as someone who wants to take shortcuts and hasn’t done their research. It will take a lot of work to rebuild their confidence in your channel. Trying to do things the “easy way” now will make your future more difficult.  

  5. 5. Sponsors Care About Viewers, Not Followers

    Don’t expect to use your follower count to find Twitch sponsors. Companies are more interested in your content, your brand, and your concurrent viewer counts than your followers. Double-down on your efforts to generate the results they want in a streamer. 

Get Twitch Viewers by Making Good Content

Many streamers believe that if they stream, the viewers will come. This is very rarely the case. Broadcasters who earn a livable wage work very hard to create strong content, network with other streamers, and promote their channels. There is no “easy route” to success. 

Play to your strengths. What natural talents can you bring to your channel to strep-up your content? Are there things that you can “merge” to create a unique niche? How and where can you promote that niche to find your audience? If you were your target audience, what kind of promotion would attract you?

The point of live-streaming is to be seen by other people. Viewers are attracted to entertaining and educational content. People who follow your channel to boost your numbers don’t help you reach your goals. Instead of wasting time with F4F, use that time to plan your next stream. Keep talking on stream to engage with your followers.

Follows to Get to Affiliate

In our opinion, the only time it is appropriate to ask for follows is when a Twitch streamer has met the other three requirements for Affiliate status but is lacking on the follower counts. You only need 50 followers to become an Affiliate and it is rarely the milestone that is setting someone back (the concurrent viewer one is typically hardest to achieve). 

If you have met the other three requirements, reach out to social media. Don’t offer to F4F, but explain that you need X amount of follows to reach Affiliate status and that you have met the other requirements. Other streamers will be happy to help you and impressed that you managed to get the 3 concurrent viewers before you met your follower count. 

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Chris is a digital marketer with a strong background in small business and influencer branding. He applies his knowledge of content and promotional strategies to design actionable advice for new and intermediate streamers. When he’s not busy crunching analytics, he can be found in the salt pits of League of Legends.

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