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Where to Get VRChat Avatars

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Do you love hanging out on VRChat but want to find a skin that suits your style? Check out our complete list of the best sites to find free avatars.

A VRChat avatar is a 3D character that is used in the game VRChat. VRChat is a social platform that can be used through Windows or Oculus Quest. Avatars can be found within “worlds” inside the game or be uploaded to the game. These characters can be customized to look like anyone or anything.

Best VRChat Avatars

In addition to the skins you can find in avatar worlds within the VRChat game, here are a few places where you can get your own custom VRChat Avatars:

fiverr 500 x 300 green background

1. VRChat Avatars on Fiverr

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  • Fully custom
  • Range of designs
  • Range of prices

Our pick for finding the best custom character modeling designs is Fiverr. If you really want to stand out and own a 3d model that is totally unique there is no better marketplace of artists. Prices range from $5-$350 depending on what you want to have created. Always specify with the seller first that you intend to use the design in VRChat to make sure it is a compatible format.  

fiver vr

Many VRChat designers on Fiverr have basic templates already made and can change things to resemble you or whatever you wish your VR character to be. This option is generally more affordable than purchasing a fully custom character outright.

You can browse the work of hundreds of world-class designers and commissioning your own avatar is as simple as signing up, choosing your artist, and filling out a design brief. We recommend contacting the seller first with your idea so they can quote you a price and let you know how long it will take to complete.


2. Unity Store VRChat Avatars


  • Read-made
  • Large selection

One of the easiest ways to get a VRChat Avatar is to download something premade from the Unity Asset Store. You must search for a 3D character model but can refine your search to different types of characters. Generally, these are already set up to be downloaded and imported to your game. You need to make sure that there are fewer than 70,000 triangles (or 10k for the VRChat game if you are playing on Oculus Quest) or you will not be able to upload the asset.

sketchfab logo

3. VRChat 3D Models on Sketchfab


  • Browse available models
  • Request custom models

Sketchfab is one of the leading platforms to purchase 3D and AR graphics on the internet. The platform allows artists to create portfolios of their designs to sell as well as allow buyers to collaborate with them on new models. You can search for and find hundreds of avatars in almost any genre, allowing you to get the perfect model for your VRChat persona.

sketchfab vrchat models

Sketchfab’s 3D model viewer allows you to look at each design in 3D, scrolling around the scene so that you can see them from all angles to ensure that it is exactly what you want. They also have tags that you can use to narrow down your search if you are merely browsing.

readyplayerme logo

4. ReadyPlayerMe Avatars


  • Photo-based avatars

Do you want an avatar based on your personal looks? Check out ReadyPlayerMe. This platform allows you to upload a photo to their platform and build out an avatar from it. After uploading your photo, you will have a chance to edit your model’s hair, eyes, clothes, and accessories to create a character you are proud to show off. Your avatar can be used on several different games, including VRChat.

discord logo

5. VRC Traders Discord Server


  • Talk one-on-one with designers

The VRC Traders Discord is a server designed to network VRChat designers with users who want to commission work. The server is set up very well and has a channel full of reviews that you can browse to find out what it is like to work with a particular designer. You can also commission VRChat items, 2D art, logos, and many other designs through this server. 

How to Create Your Own VRChat Avatar

To create your own VRChat avatar, you must first find or create a 3D character, then ensure that it is the right size in Unity.

3D Software Options for VRchat Character Design

  1. Blender

    Blender is a free, open-source software has several tutorials on YouTube. While there is definitely a learning curve, this is a good software to begin your avatar-making journey. 

  2. Houdini

    Houdini was created by SideFX, this is professional software that is intuitive and based on nodes that are “wired” to create specific outcomes. 

  3. Maya 3D

    Maya 3D was created by Autodesk, this premium software uses advanced tools to create realistic characters, worlds, and objects. 

If you are just starting, we recommend using Blender. There are several tutorials available on YouTube on how to create a 3D Anime character. Raymond Cripps does a very good job of giving an overview of each step. He also points you in the direction of where he learned his techniques. His first video goes over creating the basic geometry of the animated character:

He has three other videos that explain the process further. After watching them, you may have an idea of whether or not you want to tackle learning to create your own 3D character. 

Make Sure it is the Right Size in Unity

There is no way to upload content to VRChat without Unity. You will need the version: 2017.4.28f1 or you can use the Unity Hub to manage installed versions. 

The following YouTube video by Morris covers how you can prepare a 3D model for VRChat using Unity. Be sure to also read his description for information that he inadvertently left out in the filming. 

What to Do if Your VRChat Avatar Isn’t Loading

If you are receiving the loading error, there are a couple of things you can try to fix it. You can either change your default world on startup or clear your cache. 

Change Default World

To change the default world on startup, complete the following steps:

  1. Step 1

    Open your game library on steam.

  2. Step 2

    Right-click the VRChat game and select “Properties” from the menu.

  3. Step 3

    Right-click on the “Set Launch” options.

  4. Step 4

    Paste this link in launch options: vrchat://launch?id=wrld_d0b62423-fd59-48f7-9e4b-e6fece81b7ed.

  5. Step 5

    Finalize by clicking “okay.”

Clear Cache

To clear the cache of your game, follow these steps:

  1. Step 1

    Type “run” into the Windows search function.

  2. Step 2

    Click on the desktop app “Run” to open it.

  3. Step 3

    Type “AppData” in the provided space, then click “Okay.” 

  4. Step 4

    A folder should open with files. Open the “LocalLow” file, then the “VRChat” file. 

  5. Step 5

    Delete the “vrchat” file from within the parent “VRChat” folder. 

  6. Step 6

    Relaunch the game. 

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