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What You Can’t Have on Twitch Emotes

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Every affiliate channel has the ability to upload at least one Twitch subscriber emote to their channel. There are many unique choices that are approved and shared all over the platform, but there are some things you can’t put on a Twitch channel.

Here is a list of the things that will prevent your emote design from being approved:

Things That Twitch Doesn’t Allow on Sub Emotes

Another Streamer’s Emotes

You cannot use an emote that another streamer developed or commissioned from a designer. These emotes belong to their channel. 

Hateful Speech and Conduct

Twitch has policies in place to limit hateful speech and conduct on its platform. While there are several ways that communities have gotten around these policies, they do deny emotes that portray hate. These include images or text that include symbols, slurs, stereotypes, and any other type of hateful imagery. 

Any Form of Harassment

Emotes that depict any form of harassment will be denied or removed from your account. These include bullying and statements that that threatening or abusive toward any person. Emotes that show any sort of targeted insults also fall under this category. 

Violent Imagery or Threats

Any emoticons that display violent imagery or threatening gestures toward others will not be approved on Twitch. This will include depictions of murder or suicide. It could also include images of weaponry in some cases. 

Obscene Gestures or Gore

Do not create emote designs that have extreme imagery. This will include depictions that include violence and death. Anything with gore, severe injury, or blood may be denied by Twitch to keep things easy for everyone to see. 

Sexual Content

Emotes with imagery or text that show any sort of sexual content will be denied from the platform. Anything that shows sex, masturbation, gestures, arousal, or sexual aids will be denied on the platform. 

Note: the one exception to this rules is gasm-style emotes (such as the Kreygasm global emote). 


Emotes that show nudity, even in comic form, will be rejected on Twitch. This includes nude torsos, genitals, anuses, and buttocks. Underwear has also been known to be rejected from time to time. 

Illegal Drugs and Drug Use

Emotes that show drug use or are images of drugs will be denied when submitted to Twitch. These include all illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia. If you are unsure about a particular substance, you may want to wait until you are partnered so that you can ask someone for guidance. 

Explicit Phrases or Gestures

Don’t create emotes that show vulgarity. These will include explicit or obscene words and phrases or anything that represents them. This rule also covers obscene gestures, gang signs, and similar imagery. 

Violations of Twitch Guidelines

Any emote that encourages people to break Twitch’s terms and conditions will be denied. Make sure that you understand all their terms before you consider potential design ideas. 

Political Content

Political emotes are banned on Twitch. This can include phrases, party symbols, political figures, slogans, and anything else that may be deemed political. While you are free to discuss politics on your channel, Twitch won’t allow people to use your political thoughts to bother those who may disagree with you on their platform. 


Animated emotes are not supported on Twitch. The exception to this rule is for Cheermotes that are set apart for partners. 

Individual Letters or Characters

You are not allowed to used individual letters or characters as a part of your emote. This is because people could use emotes to spell out explicit things on others’ chats and get around channel-muted words. 

Note: The exception to this rule is that some partners may be able to use a letter in their emote if it is a part of their established logo or branding. 

Twitch Asset Violations

You are not allowed to use Twitch assets as a part of your emotes. You need to adhere to the Twitch Brand Assets Guidelines

Any Imagery Based on Global Emotes

It is against Twitch guidelines to create emotes based on the Twitch Global Emotes. You cannot use any of the images and build on top of them. 

There are two exceptions to this rule. You can have up to 2 Kappa derivatives on your channel and 1 VoHiYo derivative, though you can’t use the original assets of VoHiYo. These emotes must adhere to every other emote rule.

Denied Twitch Emotes

If you break any of the above terms, your emote is likely to be denied by the platform. If your Twitch emote is rejected, take note of the reasons why and make the necessary changes before you resubmit it to the platform.

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