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What is DLive?

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In the current live streaming space, Twitch, YouTube & Facebook dominate the market with the largest userbases and content creators. However, there are other alternatives to live streaming, smaller platforms that can house a more intimate experience with users allows content creators to have the opportunity to flourish. One of these platforms is DLive, let’s take a look at how this platform is different and why you may want to consider starting a Livestream there!

History of DLive

DLive is an American-based live streaming serviced that started in 2017 and was subsequently purchased by BitTorrent in 2019. The platform has had slow and steady growth over the years, with the top earners on DLive having a comfortable and stable income.

What Makes DLive Unique?

DLive is based on a blockchain system, that rewards viewers and streamers for participating and being active on the platform. Streamers are allowed to keep 80% of revenue from subscriptions and other monetary features, while viewers can receive “Lemons”. Lemons are a currency on the DLive platform that can either be earned or purchased, allowing users to spend it on unique emotes and stickers in the chat.

Overall DLive attempts to be unique by offering different ways to be rewarded, whether you are a viewer or a streamer, everybody has the opportunity to get extra.

Who Streams on DLive

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    AshBS is a popular Brawl Stars YouTuber that has amassed 621,000 subscribers. You can find him streaming Brawl Stars content, talking about PvP, strategy, and tutorials on DLive. AshBS completed his move to DLive in April 2020 and has been consistently making events surround Brawl Stars for his community on his live streams.

DLive vs Twitch

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    Community Size

    The community on DLive is considerably smaller than other larger, established brands such as YouTube or Twitch. However, with a smaller community, comes a better individual community experience. Many DLive streamers praise the platform for having a tight-knit community, streamers with similar passions connect with one another on a more frequent basis and returning viewers come back more often. As a result, DLive can be a great way for new streamers to see the community’s upsides of streaming firsthand and develop their confidence in the live streaming space.

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    Unlike Twitch, DLive is fundamentally built using a blockchain to reward users for participating on the platform. Viewers that subscribe and engage with DLive’s community will be rewarded with LINO Points every day. 88 Lino points equate to $1.22. These points can be gifted to a streamer or transferred to PayPal or into Bitcoin if they want to cash out.

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    Naturally, since DLive has far fewer users and streamers, the support team is equipped to deal with issues and requests quickly. If you’re a streamer, you can jump into the official DLive discord, or open a ticket, and expect your issue to be resolved in a much quicker timeframe than other larger live streaming services. Many partners on DLive, global or not, praise the platform for having the proper infrastructure to deal with concerns and questions.

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    Revenue Share

    DLive specifically takes a 20% cut on monetary features, such as subscriptions and LINO purchases. 10% of this is given back into the blockchain of DLIVE to allow users to earn their rewards by viewing and interacting. Overall DLive’s monetization model allows for streamers to retain the majority of their income while providing incentives for their viewers to continue watching.


DLive is a platform, which although quite small, can play well into the hands of newer content creators. It has a tight-knit community, active support staff, and an attractive revenue share that makes it attractive to any upcoming streamers. Make sure to check out your category of game to see if it has an audience before you hop on DLive, other than that it seems to have potential so give it a go!

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