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What is Discord?

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One of the best-loved tools among gamers and streamers is the program called Discord. This versatile platform has helped many communities form and grow over time, allowing people from around the world to work together or create strong friendships. 

What is the Discord App?

Discord is a popular app that was originally created for gamers in 2015. It allowed users to create servers where they can communicate with other users through audio, video, and text. The owner of each server can create channels and assign roles to other users to give them specific permissions within the server. 

Who Uses Discord?

While Discord was originally created for gamers, it is also used by people who want to connect with each other in other ways. Businesses use it to manage global teams, college teachers use it to communicate with people in their class, and online communities use it to come together and work as a team. 

Why Discord is Different

Discord stands apart from other communication systems in that it isn’t tied to any other platform. It works across devices and operating systems and doesn’t require you to have anything specific to use it. Discord is extremely versatile and can be used for numerous tasks. Users can join dozens of servers on the same account, meaning they can have some for work, gameplay, and online communication. 

Discord also doesn’t require you to communicate is one specific way. You can take advantage of voice or video chat or message through text and images. You can communicate one on one with specific members or create group messaging. Discord is continually innovating new ways to communicate, giving its users even more capabilities to innovate. 

Best Discord Features

There are many features that Discord offers that provide value to their millions of users. These features allow you to connect with current friends or make new ones through gameplay or other online communities. Here are just a few of the best features:

  • Create or Join Multiple Servers – You can create or join multiple servers, each with their own unique setups. Basic servers take mere minutes to set up and invite people to, allowing you to create small spaces for meetings or other temporary events. 
  • Text, Audio, and Video Communication – Choose the way you wish to communicate with your friends, family, or teammates. Discord continues to innovate new ways to connect, such as Discord streaming, where you can stream gameplay or share your screen with members of your chat. 
  • Add Custom Emotes – you can add custom emotes to your Discord server to add a little fun or branding to your community. You can create these emotes on your own or commission them from an artist on Fiverr

As you create and build your Discord server, you will find many ways you can utilize it both for functionality and for your own creativity. You and other users will be able to collaborate on projects, share selfies, or learn about cultures from around the world. 

Add Discord Bots

You can customize your Discord servers further by adding Discord bots. These bots can perform several functions that will help you manage or moderate a server. You can even add bots that integrate social accounts or play music in a specific channel. 

There are many Discord bots available online for free or for small fees. You can also create your Discord bot either through coding it yourself or commissioning someone to do it for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Discord Free?

Discord is a free-to-use platform for all users. Those who wish to upgrade to their premium platform can use Discord Nitro. This service unlocks features such as animated profile pictures, extra custom emote slots for servers, as well as other perks. 

Discord vs Slack

Discord and Slack are often compared to each other. The primary difference between them is that one was created to appeal more to businesses while the other was created to appeal to gamers. For instance, profiles often appear more professional in Slack than they do in Discord. Discord is also free, whereas Slack costs a monthly fee per user. 

How Many Discord Servers Per User?

Each user can join or create up to 100 Discord servers at any time. If they have reached their limit and want to join more, the user must either leave a server to open up a free slot or create a new account. 

How Many Users Can Join a Discord Server?

Most Discord servers have a limit of 250,000 people. Most will never get close to reaching that number. When a server reaches 1,000 members, the “Offline” members section of the list is removed. 

How Many People Can Video Call on Discord?

Up to 10 people at a time can video call together on Discord. This includes both video and screen sharing capabilities.

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