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Webaround Review – Green Screens For Streamers

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The Webaround is one of the best green screens on the market. It is easy to use and transport, durable and can give your stream the professional quality it needs to stand out. Whether you are trying to hide a messy background, or you want to appear as though you are streaming from the space station, the Webaround is an affordable way to give you access to chroma key technology. 

What is a Webaround Green Screen?

A Webaround green screen is a large, cylindrical green screen that can be strapped to your gaming chair. When not in use, the screen is collapsible and can be stored away in the included tote bag. Webaround produces a high-quality product that keeps its shape and allows content creators to remove or replace their background easily. 

Webaround is the brainchild of Linda Bovay. As a registered nurse, she noticed one of the doctors interact with a patient remotely from his home. One night, he worked from a messy kitchen, and she and the patient found it distracting. That night, she came up with the idea to create the Webaround green screen, a product that was affordable and easy to set up for anyone who needed to replace their background.

Webaround Big Shot Review

webaround in bag

The Webaround Big Shot is the company’s largest portable green screen. It measures 56” in diameter when in use, but will collapse to a mere 21” diameter when placed into storage. The Big shot comes in 3 colors: green, grey, and blue. It is manufactured from durable neoprene and nylon and is compatible with every program with chroma key capabilities. 

While the green screen was initially wrinkly when I opened it, the wrinkles began to disappear as it sat out. You can also carefully steam or iron it (based on the included instructions) to help remove the wrinkles. The smoother the green screen, the fewer issues you’ll have when removing chroma key issues. The big shot appears very durable in comparison with a competitor’s product that I previously used. 

Other Webaround Green Screen Options

If the Big Shot seems too large for your needs, you can go with one of Webaround’s other green screen options, the Close Up and the Fan Favorite. Both of these are also high-quality green screens that attach to the back of your chair. The only real difference is their size:

  • Close Up – 42” in diameter
  • Fan Favorite – 52” in diameter

How to Set Up Your Webaround Green Screen

webaround on chair

Setting up the Webaround is simple enough. Once you open it up, all you need to do is strap it to your chair. You can use the provided straps to get a snug fit. If your chair allows for it, you may be able to use the two horizontal straps lower down on the chair to give you fuller coverage lower down. 

The provided instructions also teach you how to fold it back up for storage. Place your hands on either side, start folding as though you are making a taco, then rotate your wrists until the Webaround begins to coil on its own. It should slip nicely back into the provided pouch. 

Webaround Green Screen Chair Placement

One benefit that the Webaround green screen offers that other chroma key screens don’t is the ability to place it in between you and your chair. This will eliminate your chair from view, giving you more options for your background. Alternatively, if you want your chair in view, you would just attach the green screen to the outside of your chair. 

Note: You will need to be a little more careful if you place it between you and your body. While the green screen is durable, it could experience wear and tear over time. 

Pros and Cons of Webaround Green Screen

There are several pros and cons to using a Webaround green screen. Here are a few:

Webaround Benefits

Here are the top benefits of using a Webaround chroma key screen:

  • Affordable – Webaround green screens are a very affordable way to give you access to chroma-key technology. You only need to purchase a green screen and lighting. You won’t need to worry about purchasing or building a stand to hold it up. 
  • Portable – the chroma key screens are collapsible when they are not in use. They come with a tote bag that fits the collapsed screen, making it easy to transport the screen from one location to the next. 
  • Durable – these screens are manufactured to be durable and maintain use over time. They come with cleaning and care instructions to help you understand how to keep it in prime shape for as long as possible. 

Webaround Disadvantages

Here are some disadvantages to using a Webaround green screen:

  • Proximity – due to the design, your green screen will be very near your body, making it a little more difficult to remove the chroma key. With proper lighting, you won’t have any issues.
  • Limited use –  the green screen is perfect for streamers or creators who simply need to have their background removed while they sit at a computer. If you want to walk around or dance, however, the green screen wouldn’t give you the coverage you need. 


The Webaround is a great and affordable tool that will give you the option of removing your background so that you can create better content. You create creative backgrounds for your stream to keep things interesting for your viewers. 

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